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Sean and I agreed to meet at the Firkin for drinks and a relaxing game of darts, but instead Sean runs into Viggo and I go little alpha . . .
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“Hey, you want to go out tonight, have some pub-grub and some beers?”

“No place particular, but I have a bartender connection, he’ll keep our mugs full.”

I laugh. “No, you’ve actually seen him before. Remember the band we saw the night we first kissed? That’s him.”

“I’ll never forget that night either. So . . . how’s it sound? Just kick back tonight.”

“Okay, did you drive in? I can pick you up when the shop closes.”

“All right, see you soon.” I hang up the phone and step in the shower. This will be good, I can introduce Eric to Gareth, who is as normal as they come around here. Maybe then Eric can see that not all my friends are intimidating, some are just regular Irish lads trying to make a go of life, just like everyone else. Hopefully, if he settles down, I can gradually have him meet my other friends. We’ll just take this slow.

Finally ready to go, I strap my spare helmet to the bike and head into town, getting to Moby Dickens right at closing time. Eric has the worst time shooing the last browser out of the store, so it always seems to stay open later than he plans. But tonight he’s on a mission and he’s locking up when I park the bike.

“Ready to relax?” He looks a little bushed as I wrap him up in a hug.

“Few cold ones would go down well right about now.” He kisses me hello, pulling me against him.

“We don’t have to go out . . . if you’re too tired . . . “ I leer at him.

“No, going out sounds good. Besides, you’re just trying to get me to cook,” he teases.

“Ah, you’re on to me! It’s your culinary skills I’m after, not your hot body.”

“Come on, you big idiot. Let’s go.”

I grin at him. “Let’s not make it too late, I know you’re tired. And I’ll give you a patented Urban massage when we get home.”

“Can’t refuse that kind of offer, now can I?”

We pull into the lot at the Firkin a little while later. Gareth is busy juggling glasses at the taps . . . the place is pretty crowded. We sit at the bar and he nods when he sees me.
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Karl: I finally get a chance to go by the bookstore; it is cleaned up at last, but Eric is still dealing with the insurance company and it won't be open for another few weeks. And I realize that I haven't fixed the whole problem yet. The fanboys haven't been around in the last few days, but there's still the matter of payback. I'm tired of them fucking with people I care about.

So I decide to take a trip to the Firkin. Maybe Gareth would be willing to help me with this job. And I feel like I owe him an apology. He can't be happy about having his shift back.

I ride over there about dinner time and I smile listening to his patter with another customer.

Hey barkeep! I'm hungry, what's good? )
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I head back to Wellie, my days with Aunt June having worked their usual magic on my psyche. I know I still have to deal with Éomer, but there’s no hurry with that, now that I’ve pulled myself free of Théodred’s influence. The idea of a winery is intriguing, something I never thought of, but it might be fun. I’m grinning as I ride and I’m in too good a mood to go straight home, I feel like howling at the moon . . . or something. )
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I'm not sure what to do with my week of freedom from blondie,
I wander over to the Firkin to check on Gareth.
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Karl: I've spent the last few days in an endless round of chores and repairs, trying to get my house back in order. I found a place where the fence was down, too, and had to fix that before I got Smokey Joe back.

The barn was clean finally, and fresh straw down, and the feed bins full. I wheeled the trailer out, attached it to the truck and then Ire and I went over to Viggo's stable for my horse. We spent some time getting reacquainted and then the three of us went for a trail ride.

It was dusk when we returned so I brushed down Smokey, fed him and then Ire and I went into the house for dinner. I was tired of my own company, so I took a shower and headed out on the bike for the bar where I had run into Dave. )


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