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I pull the truck up into the yard at Dave's house . . . although, from what Paris said, that's not entirely accurate anymore. In any case, I start unloading Smokey Joe, yelling for Paris as I go. He had called, suggested riding down on the beach before it got too cold. I was agreeable, I know he's proud of that horse of his and I became fond of Cavalo myself in the two weeks that he spent in my barn. Éomer did all right by Paris with that.

And Sean agreed to let me out of bed for the day. I smile happily . . . it still amazes me how we can't get enough of each other. I consider telling Paris about him, but we've never talked about informing our friends. Viggo found out more or less by accident . . . I could have pretended that Sean and I were just meeting for some friendly drinks, but my possessiveness wouldn't allow it. Viggo's one thing . . . he tends to mind his own business. Paris and Dave are something else and the shifts are mixed up with them too.

I decide I'll wait till Sean's with me before I spill.

Smokey evidently smells either Cavalo or Laurelea and he tosses his head up as I'm trying to get him down the ramp, giving a welcoming bugle.

"Silly oaf. You'll get your play time." I shove at him and he moves reluctantly.

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