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I disentangle myself reluctantly from Sean, leaving his warmth to walk Dave and Paris out. "Stay put," I whisper into his ear.

"Yeah, Daisy, wouldn’t want you to get lost again." They laugh and I show them the way around to the front through the paths around the house. It was a fun night with friends and I wave as they pull out in Dave's bland car. On my way back to Sean, I dodge into the house and grab a couple of blankets. Sean and I can generate our own heat, and I want to fuck him under the stars, despite the cold. I'm a crazy git, I suppose. Even so, when we're done, we'll want to wrap up. Can't have my beautiful Brit catching a chill.

The aching for him hasn't gone away . . . it just feels too fucking good, having him in my arms, warm and willing. He pulls me down with him, tangling his fingers in my hair as our mouths meet.

Sean: Your warm whisper had me smiling, and I’m still smiling by the time you make it back. I’ve moved the lounger a bit closer to the hearth, and I’m back where you left me, relaxed and waiting, watching the fire, listening to its crackle in the crisp air.

Spending tonight with our friends was brilliant, but even more brilliant is the look in your eyes as you sink into my arms. Pulling you close, my fingers thread into your hair, guiding your mouth to mine. You open to me and I hold tight, stroking your mouth hungrily, pulling back to lick and nip at your lips. The fire is alive between us, flowing freely from you into me and back again and after all the playful teasing tonight, I’m already hard and craving you. A shiver of pleasure bolts through me as you press down, letting me feel you, what you’re going to give me.

We tangle together, and I want you so fucking much. My fingers tighten in your hair, tilting your head back so I can get at your neck. My lips skate over your heated skin, and I wrap a leg about you, keeping you tight on me. I pause to suck on a favorite spot, the tender place just under your ear, then start again, dragging my tongue up your jugular, growling softly, hungry to have every part of you hard and hot against me.

Karl: Fuck, your mouth is wicked on me, and I arch and squirm, trying to give you access to anything you want. Our bodies move together, a familiar rhythm and you urge me closer to you and I groan as your leg goes around me. I work a hand between us and my fingers trail lightly, teasingly, over your chest, flicking at a nipple under your shirt. Your gasp and twist under me leaves me reeling too and I dive for your mouth again, taking your sounds into me while I grind down on you.

I’ve been doing this all night it seems, rudely pushing my cock against you, but you get me so fucking hot I can’t think straight some times. I tongue your mouth, opening mine wide to let you in, grunting as we fuck each other this way.

We’re gasping when we break and I need to feel your skin. I get the blankets over us and start working on your buttons. My fingers are warm from the blood you’ve gotten flowing through me and my skin feels like it’s on fire. Your skin is like silk under my fingertips and I could spend hours just exploring every texture that makes your body.

Sean: Your hands on me brings a sigh, and I relax momentarily, stretching out under you. My eyes slid shut as I concentrate on the feel of your weight, holding me down, the sensation of your fingertips tracing, teasing me. Catching your hand I bring you to my lips, slowly drawing a finger into my mouth. Tonguing the pad I begin sucking rhythmically like I would your cock, before letting you go, sliding your slick fingertip over my lips, painting myself.

Your eyes are fastened on me, and I feel like I’m the center of your world right now, and I want everything, to give you anything. I want your wildness tonight, and this tender moment feels like the calm before the storm. I need to be bare for you, need you to get naked too. Reaching down I pop open the button on my jeans, and holding your gaze with mine, lower the zipper. I lift my hips, wordlessly asking your help, wanting you to strip them off. Reaching for you, I work the buttons of yours, grinning as I work them down off your hips, over your delicious arse.

Together we get rid of them, and I laugh softly as we tumble back together, bodies tangling. I wrap my legs about you, grinding up, willing and wanton as a whore, hissing as our naked heat rides tighter, and there’s nothing cheap about this. Nothing. Having this, having you, is beyond priceless. My head falls back, eyes closing, neck arched, drifting in your heat until I have to look at you again. Christ, I want you.

“Karl,” I whisper, carding my fingers into your hair. I pull you down for a smoldering kiss that’s hard, demanding, thrusting my tongue into you, taking your mouth. Pulling back, our faces are so close, all I can see is the deep gorgeous hazel of your eyes, and suddenly I remember something you said once, about fucking me under the stars, making me scream.

“Fuck me, love.” I rock my hips, speaking with my body and my words. “Want your cock, want to take it, want you to let go in me . . . make me scream, mura.”

Karl: I’m tempted to take it slow, to get my fingers into your body and explore you until you beg me to end it. But the way you’re responding to me, like my every touch is setting you on fire, that’s shredding my control quickly and I’m not gonna be able to love you like that. I drop our clothes on the deck and stand to look at you for a long moment.

You’re spread out on the lounger, legs spread, sweat on you, even though it’s bloody well cold out here. Fucking beautiful. You’re slowly twisting as you lie there, reaching for me.

With a low growl, I let go of the last of my control, letting that wild side out, the part of me that I feel safe enough to allow out only with you. I pick up the lube that I got when I grabbed the blankets and slick myself quickly.

I reach for you, spreading it around your hole, sliding a finger in. But I can’t give you any more than that. I rear up over you, pushing your legs back, falling into your eyes, so green like new leaves.

“Tahu, have to have you. Now. Can’t wait, can’t give you time.” I push my cockhead against you. “Fuck, what you do to me. Need you.”

Sean: Christ, I need you too, and the look in your eyes is primal, possessive, and I want it. Your words have me tilting my hips, lifting my arse. I reach for you as you press down, poised to drive inside, and licking my lips growl, “Do it, love.”

One thrust, and your balls are snugged against my arse, and the suddenness of being filled, the sheer pressure of it has me clutching at you, eyes fluttering shut, neck arching as my head falls back. “Fucking hell, ah god, Karl.

There’s no time to adjust as you draw back and bury yourself in me again. I moan raggedly, so tight for you, my body clasping you like a glove, and the burn and stretch is conquered by the sheer heat rolling off you. You’re thrusting, taking me, rocking me to the core and I get my eyes open, wanting to see you, wanting you to see what you’re doing to me. I move with you, desperate to take it all, your lust, love and hunger. Your strength. You’re grunting with the effort of nailing me on your prick, and I thrash.

“Mura, harder! Yours!”

You growl, drape my legs over your arms and ram inside, fucking my body open. I take it, whimpering as you rake over my pleasure place, my hands curling hard about your biceps. You’re my only anchor in this storm, and I cling to you, falling apart under you, my cries coming with every thrust, pulled from deep inside me.

Karl: You’re taking everything that I’m giving you . . . taking it and begging me for more, and I’m so fucking out of control. I can’t see you well enough in the faint light and I want to flip you over and let you fuck yourself on me while the stars shine in your hair. Maybe another time, because my body won’t let me stop, my dick reaching for the depths of your body, going into you as far as I can.

I push your leg up, adjusting the angle, your howls telling me I’ve got it right. I’m losing it fast, the incredible pressure building up in my balls, sheets of electricity sweeping over my cock while your body tightens around me. I need you with me now.

“Come with me, tahu. Feels so fucking good. Gonna explode in you . . . fill you up with my come.”

Then I’m not capable of saying anything else, my voice turning into wordless cries as the ecstasy reaching the breaking point, you opening for me, taking it.

Sean: Never been taken like this, not even when I returned from Boromir’s last shift. That day you fucked me for hours, and I gave myself willingly, every time. That day you were wild, hungry, craving to renew your claim, though you didn’t need to, and afterwards when you saw the marks you’d left on me, you folded. I gathered you close and we talked it all out, finally making slow, sweet love after the words ran out.

This isn’t like then, because right now you’re possessing me, out of control, but focused completely on me, not on my shift or what he’d got up to with my body. My mura, my flame, my wildfire, and you’ve got me completely, ramming inside over and over almost angrily, though there’s not a hint of anger in you. I’m begging for more, wanting your come, needing it like I’ve never needed anything. My curses and my pleas tumble out, jumbled, yes-yes-bloodyfuckinghell-please-harder!

Your prick’s hard and hot, nailing me to the lounger, and my legs are in the air, arse stretched so tightly about you. The ecstasy owns me as you adjust my leg, fucking me harder, the angle slightly different and there’s not a hint of self consciousness in me as I whimper and cry out with need. I’m flying apart with your hard loving.

My body tightens, balls drawing up and I’m shouting your name, loving you back with everything I am. My body is bent nearly double as you shove inside, and I can’t hold on anymore. Just can’t. My fingers curl into your arms hard enough to bruise and I thrash under you. The hot joy rakes over me, and your eyes gleaming in the firelight is all I can see as it explodes in me. My body clamps down, milking you so fucking hard, as streak after streak of my come jets between our bellies. You’re fucking me through it, and I’m out of control, letting go, screaming my lust and love for you up to the stars.

Karl: Your wild cries set me off and I join you, plunging myself into your hot depths one last time, my voice rising with yours as I shriek my pleasure. My cock pulses hotly, filling your channel, so tight around me. You’re gripping me so hard, everywhere, I am so completely yours, that you keep pulling come out of me and I jerk and groan until I can’t move anymore.

Gradually, I realize I’m sprawled over you, still buried deep inside you. I don’t want to leave your heat, so I cautiously roll to my side bringing you with me. Your green eyes are dazed, hair stuck in sweaty strands to your face and seeing you like that, looking so well-fucked, I can’t help a smile, proud and happy.

“You’ve got me so deep, tahu, so deep, I’m never coming out of you.”

And I don’t mean the way my cock is sunk into you at the moment. It goes far beyond physical pleasure with us, the bonds between us grow tighter every time I see you.

The sweat on us is cooling, chilling us and I pull out then, getting the blankets and wrapping us in them. We can’t stay out here naked all night, but I’m not ready to go into the house yet.

Sean: Well used and well loved, and I’m boneless in your arms as you roll us. Laying still, your spent cock buried in me, my breathing slowly evens out, your words filling me like your come. Reaching for you I kiss that fucking gorgeous smile, pulling back long moments later with one of my own. The chill intrudes, suddenly, and I mumble softly in protest as you ease your beautiful cock out.

You wrap us up, cocooning me in warmth, and your words come back. “Never going to-” I have to stop, clearing my throat. My voice is rough, and christ, did I make so much noise that I’ve gone hoarse? My bone-deep satisfaction and the delicious ache in my arse tells me I did, and I press tight against you.

“Never gonna let you out, love. Part of me, you are now. Never gonna let go.”

We settle, me curled against you, legs tangled. Your hands drift over me and I set about pressing warm kisses on you, my mouth and tongue feathering lightly over your nipples, lingering on the one with the sexy silver ring. Not trying to start anything, not so soon, but after what we’ve shared, after being had so hard and deep, I need to be close. Rubbing my cheek against you, fingers wandering aimlessly, tracing smooth skin, the fine lines of muscle, I love just touching you.
You’re right, the ties binding me to you are growing deeper, stronger all the time.

Lapping up sweat that’s gathered at the center of your chest, I look up, watching your eyes. “Never bloody well screamed like that, before.” You look even more pleased, if possible, and heat bolts through me. “Love giving you things I’ve never given anyone else.” I whisper roughly.

Karl: This part of it is always so good with you . . . the aftermath when we can’t stop touching each other, when our bodies settle together. The wordless way we tell each other that it’s so much more than sex and lust between us. You make me feel so cherished in these moments.

My hand laces through your hair, almost roughly, but I’m overwhelmed by your honesty. “That makes two of us then, I’ve given you so much more than I ever thought I was capable of.” I kiss you until we’re breathless again, but then we relax together.

Drawing my toes under the blankets, I try to keep every part of us warm and covered but it’s an impossible job. “I suppose we should go in,” I say ruefully. Fuck, I love having you outdoors, no matter where we are. . . here or the Botanical Gardens or a motu on Bora Bora.

That thought reminds me of the news I haven’t had a chance to tell you yet, cause I got the call right before Dave and Paris showed up. “I heard from Doug . . . they’ve pushed the opening up to December, so I don’t have to go on any publicity junkets just yet.” My glance is mischievous as my fingers wander over you neck. “I bet we could stay outside all night in Italy this time of year.”

Sean: My lips part on a sigh as your fingers slowly stroke me, and after our warm rest my cock is beginning to respond to you again, to that familiar, devious look in your eyes. “Mmm, brilliant good news, that.” Your hand remains on my neck as I move up, humming with pleasure as our bare skin slides together. I settle over you, holding myself up, keeping some of my weight off. Looking into your eyes, I smile, brush my mouth teasingly light over yours.

Your breath feathers warm over my lips, and for a moment we share it, breathing in and out, just staring into one another. I swipe my tongue over your bottom lip, teasing again. “We could have one another, all night, under the stars.” I nibble your bottom lip, sucking it into my mouth and humming contentedly around the tender flesh, before releasing. “Gonna make love to you all night, over and over, ‘til you can’t come anymore.”

You make a hungry sound, the fingers on my neck tightening, and a thrill rolls through me, traveling down my spine. “Can’t wait to go there with you, love.” I grin wickedly. “Can’t wait to spread me legs for you in Italy.”

Before you can reply I seal my mouth over yours. You open wide and I thrust inside, riding your sweet heat until I have to pull back to breathe. Desire is humming through me, like electricity through a circuit, and I want you. “Can’t wait to spread me legs for you again tonight, either.”

Karl: Fuck, you’re going to kill me with just your words and the pictures you paint with them. I wonder suddenly if you’ve ever recorded books on tape. I think just listening to you saying anything could get me off, you’ve got me so conditioned to your sexy, rough voice. I groan against your skin, need in me spiking again. And I can’t help from pushing up against your weight while you take my mouth.

“Can’t wait?” I growl. “Then I won’t hold you back. Come on.”

I stand up, ignoring the way my cock is bobbing as I move. I put a hand out and pull you up. We stand there in the darkness for a moment and your hair glows golden in the faint light of the dying fire. I want you so badly right now, hard to believe after what we just did, but I believe you could make me come all night.

Taking your hand, I pull you towards the house, leaving the blankets where they are. There’s plenty on our bed. Finally, I pull you into a run and we’re laughing as we go . . . two grown men, running naked.

We fall together on the bed and I roll on top of you. “Now . . . all night? I’m ready.” And I bend to kiss you, indescribably happy.

Sean: The lounger was nice, but our bloody big bed feels brilliant. There’s not a word fine enough to describe how good you, pressing me down into smooth, cool sheets. I wrap my legs about you, cinching you in tight. Your mouth takes mine and I’m adrift in your fire and christ, you give me so much. Laughter and love, wildness and tenderness . . . everything.

By the time you release me I’m breathless. Staring up into your eyes, I card my fingers through your hair, licking your flavor from my lips. “Ready, are ya?”

Your grin does hot, beautiful things to me, and I rock up, hips undulating, one leg hooked about you moving, stroking your naked skin with the inside of my thigh. My hands plane down over your strong shoulders, down your arms and back up again. Love touching you, rubbing myself on you, discovering the feel of sweat starting on you.

“How do you want me, love . . . under you, maybe? Could sling me legs over your shoulders, nail me to the bed.” My fingers sink into your hair again, and I pull your face close, until we’re sharing the same air. The lamp by the bed is on, the amber light reflecting in your eyes. You’re so gorgeous, inside, outside, and I need to be fused with you again. I swipe my tongue over your mouth, nipping at your bottom lip.

“Mmm, though maybe you’d rather have me on me knees? Will put me arse in the air for you, love, if you want.” My voice is rough, growly, and I’m drunk on you. My fingers tighten, pulling you even closer. I press warm kisses to your face, the delicate place under each eye, your forehead, your chin. Eventually my tongue traces over your mouth again, teasingly, giving you only small tastes.

“Maybe you’d like me on your lap, sinking down, fucking meself on you . . . anything you want, love. It's yours.”

Karl: “Determined to make this a short one, are you?” I growl as you keep teasing me, your voice gone rough. I grind down into you, panting, so far gone now just from your dirty talking.

“I vote for .. . . you fucking yourself on me.” I roll us over, getting you on top of me where my hands are free to roam over you. I glide down your back, cupping and spreading your cheeks, and I slip a finger into your hole, still open from earlier. You’re relaxed and your muscles react to the intrusion, flexing under my finger.

Now I can thrust up against you, my cock rubbing moisture on your ass cheek, and I stretch out and grab some lube from the table. I’m determined to work you open properly this time, make you scream from just my fingers. I get a good glob of it and return to your opening. My finger slides in easily and I add another one right away. I explore your insides, looking for your prostate and I rub it gently when I find it, pushing on the spongy mass.

Your voice has changed, whimpers now, but I want to drive you wild.

Sean: My head falls back, eyes sliding shut as a long moan rolls from me, and I rock down on your fingers. I’m straddling you, riding your hand, panting as you find my pleasure point and the gentle, massaging touch arches my back, has my mouth falling open on a cry. My body grips you greedily, your fingers fitting inside easily.

I’m still open from your hard loving earlier, and fucking incredibly sensitive to everything you’re doing. Sweat slicks my skin, my hands move over you restlessly, gliding down your chest, just needing to touch you. Your cock rides hard and hungry against my arse, and you curl your fingers inside me. I give you your name, cried out in pleasure, and my eyes come open slowly. Looking down at you, mouth open, drawing in breath, I manage a steady rhythm, hips rocking. You give me another push, deep inside and I lose the tempo, gasping, moving faster, erratically, until your hand curls hard on my hip, bringing me back on pace.

I’m on fire, coming undone, and I feel so taken from just your fingers. I work myself harder on you, my hand covering yours on my hip. Staring into your eyes, I moan, whimpering with what you’re doing to me. Every time I lose control your hand clamps down, easing my pace back, and the only reason I’m able to bear it is because I came so brilliantly hard so recently.

Even so, your fire is consuming me, filling me up, but I need more. “Karl! Please, love, need you,” I manage, voice rough with bliss.

Karl: Watching you like this, working yourself on my hand . . . fuck, you’re so incredibly hot. Your skin glistens with sweat, and this is almost more intimate than fucking you, feeling your body from the inside with my fingers.

I get the lube again, keeping my hand buried inside you, and with the other, awkwardly get my cock slicked. Your voice is rough, needy, begging me.

“Shh, easy, Sean. You’ll get me.”

I guide your hips, and slowly pull my hand out of you, pushing you over my cock. I make the switch quickly, and then I’m in your welcoming heat and it’s my turn to nearly bloody lose it. Your body offers no resistance and you sit down on me abruptly, and I’m all the way, deeper than ever with your weight pushing you down. I moan, keeping a hand on your hip.

“Fuck yourself, tahu. Take what you want, feel me inside you.”

Sean: Your words get inside me like your cock, hot and deep. Can barely keep my eyes open against the pleasure and pressure of being filled, can’t imagine ever feeling anything better than this. I want to tell you, to say how fucking gorgeous you are, your skin gleaming with sweat in the lamplight, your passion dark eyes.

“So fucking beautiful,” I manage, breaking off with a moan.

You hold me tight, dick throbbing inside, and I’m doing exactly what you’ve said to. The pleasure is heavy in my balls, sending sparks up my spine. I’m riding you in the truest sense, feeling like I’m soaring, sinking you in me to the hilt with each buck. You’re thrusting, hips pistoning, the constant slick stroke of you inside undoing me.

“Oh, christ, feel you, so deep, mura,” I pant, driving down. I’m working hard, and the ecstasy is skating along each nerve, stroking me with your fire. Our pace becomes hungrier, and I’m bucking like mad atop you, moaning, wild and abandoned, taking you in and being taken every time our bodies slap together.

“Karl!” I shout abruptly, unable to take much more. Staring down at you, we’re rocking the bed, and I can’t tell where I end and you begin. You have me stripped bare before you, my body, my heart, it’s all there in my eyes. I trust you more than anything, and giving you my cries, driving my arse down on you, I get a hand on my cock. One hard pull and my spine bows, body clamping down on you, your name on my lips.

Karl: The sight of you like this, taking your pleasure from me, is driving me out of control. You’re riding me, beautiful and uninhibited, lost in your own pleasure and I watch everything mood crossing your face, gasping at what I see in your eyes.

I let you move how you want, cause I fucked you bloody hard earlier and I don’t want to hurt you. It’s heaps better to let you have it like this. My hands stay on you, easing you, guiding you, but letting you set the pace.

You’re so hot and tight around me, and I’m working to hold back, but when your ass clenches around me and your hand goes to your cock, I’m with you. My hips drive up off the bed, meeting your body sinking down hard onto me. I howl as it floods through me . . . ecstasy and love, and a powerful orgasm, draining me dry. My hands grip your hips hard, pushing you down, my fingers digging into your sleek flanks. Fuck, I might bruise you, but I’m too caught up in riding this with you to let go.

We stay like that, balanced on the overwhelming pleasure, and then we fall, clinging to each other as the surge hits us. It finally finishes with us, and we’re soaked with sweat, panting, and you lean down against my chest, your body slick and warm in my arms. I press a kiss into your damp hair, relaxing against our pillows as my muscles slowly unclench.

“Love you . . . .”

Sean: Impossibly, I can still move. Slowly, I ease up, wanting your mouth as your words sink into me. I kiss you, almost delicately, lips moving on yours, tongue slipping inside to find that perfect connection with you. I’m drained, body heavy and boneless, arse still throbbing from you.

I’m not a bloke that needs to say it every five minutes, but with you I want to say it, more than I ever have. Want to tell you over and over, in words, with my body, with everything I have. Pulling back, I breathe against your lips. “Love you, too . . . so much, like mad.”

Your hands glide up my slick back, and I tuck against your side, enjoying your arm about me, holding me close. “Christ, not gonna manage to sit on me arse without squirming for days.”

Your satisfied grin is instant, and I trace your wet, kiss bruised lips with my fingers, letting my touch slide down over your chin, neck, pausing to dip into the hollow of your throat, puddled with sweat. “Bloody love it, don’t you? That I’ll be feeling you for days . . . ” That grin comes out again, and I chuckle softly.

Even now I can still feel where your fingers dug into my hips, wouldn’t be surprised if there’ll be a matched set of bruises . . . wouldn’t mind, either.

Karl: My body feels heavy, sated and relaxed, no . . . someplace beyond relaxed where physical and spiritual bliss meet. That's how I feel with you, fucking you is something beyond anything I've ever felt . . . the way you give yourself over to me so completely, holding nothing back, that I feel free to do the same with you, to let you have all of me.

My lips stay on you, wanting to maintain the connection with you, smiling against your hair as you squirm. Every time I've felt like regretting my caveman instincts, you've shown me with words and actions that it's all right. Now, things I might have hated about myself have turned into things I can accept.

"Bloody sexy wanton. Begging me for it." I chuckle. "I can't ever turn you down for anything, yeah?"

This night has been satisfying in so many ways . . . the friendships I have with Dave and Paris have survived some difficulties and adding you into the circle has just made everything feel stronger, so right. The trials we've all faced because of the bowl and shifting seem to be distant memories now, especially for me.

Sean: Rubbing my cheek against your shoulder, I chuckle, lifting up enough to see your face. “Love begging, but only for you.” Your hands glide up my back and I make a contented noise, deep in my throat. The sweat is cooling on us, reaching down I pull up the blankets, squirming and shifting until I get into one of my favorite spots, snugged against your side, leg thrown over you, head resting against your chest.

We fall still and quiet, just resting, and I can hear the steady beat of your heart under my ear. This sound, so incredibly precious to me, and when I might have dropped off to sleep, I keep awake, just listening. My hand wanders over your skin, a constant habit of mine, and a thought that’s been pulling at me for the last couple of months wiggles into this peaceful moment.

Turning my head, I kiss your chest, the spot that’s singing with your heartbeat, and if anything ever happened to you . . . christ, I don’t know what I’d do. Shouldn’t start this conversation now, can wait until tomorrow, but it’s got hold of me, suddenly. I don’t want to wait, even though if you agree, there’s nothing we could do about it tonight.

Your eyes are closed, but I know you’re not asleep. Fleetingly, I wonder if somehow you’re picking up on my . . . not tenseness, really, but neither am I as relaxed as before. My fingers feather over your nipple, tracing the silver ring, and your eyes slide open a sliver. “I’ve been thinking,” I say slowly, watching to make sure you’re awake enough to want to listen.

You blink, eyes coming open a bit more, giving me a curious look. I wonder if I’m going to sound like such a bloody bird, but then decide I don’t bloody care. “If anything were to ever happen,” you frown, and I just spit it out. “Want to have it done, legal like, if anything were to ever happen to me, you could make decisions, medical decisions, for me. I’d like the same for you, too, if you want to give me that . . .” I trail off, fingers tracing absently over your skin, watching your eyes.

Karl: My brain freezes at your words and I want to reject them, to laugh them off, the idea of losing you unbearable. And I feel a small flash of annoyance that you want to talk about this now when we’ve just pleasantly fucked. But this is something that matters to you . . . I can see that in your eyes, the worry in them and my anger vanishes.

“Fuck, I hate to think about that.” I pull you tighter, trying to calm down, to see what you’re getting at. The night that Eric . . . trying to find his parents in Auckland that night, needing their permission, yeah, that just added to the bloody nightmare. I never think much about the age difference between us, I never saw that as mattering heaps cause it doesn’t define us. But it’s there and maybe you might need it sooner than I would . . . but I suddenly picture us . . . years away from now, both white haired, still loving each other just as completely, and I smile.

I meet your eyes . . . fuck, I love you so much. You’re part of me now . . . our spirits are as twined together as our bodies are. And the shifting . . . we’re both in potential danger because of it. I bury my face against your neck, seeking the comfort of contact, and your hands are in my hair, soothing.

“Yeah. That’s a bloody good idea. We’ll do it, for both of us.” Our lips meet again, a gentle affirmation. “Yeah, tahu.”

Sean: Your lips slide over mine, arms twining about me. My hand glides over your chest, closing over your shoulder, fingers gripping firmly, holding tight. Your naked skin rides against mine, lush and deliciously warm, as you mumble against my mouth. Something eases in me, and I smile, brushing my lips over yours. “Me timing is for shite, yeah?”

You chuckle and I nibble at your bottom lip, mumbling, “Thank you, love.” We’ll get it done before we head off for our Italian holiday I think, but decide I don’t want to talk about it anymore, not now that it’s all settled and you feel so unbelievably warm and good under me.

My fingers sift through your hair, spreading it out on the pillow, untangling the soft still damp strands. Shifting until we’re lying side by side, sharing the pillow, I touch your face wonderingly, unsure just how in the hell I made it to be with you, but so fucking grateful I am. You just lie still, letting my touch gentle along the line of your brow, trail over your cheek and nose, across your wet lips, red from my kisses.

“Thank you, love,” I say again, my voice a soft, rough whisper.

You have me, completely.



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