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The morning after Cupid visits Karl

The sun comes up while I’m still staring at the list, wondering how badly my life is going to suck if any of these people show up in it. Just when I had things almost where I wanted them. Running into Viggo and Orlando the other night seemed to have helped, because Eric was a lot more relaxed by the time we left and I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten past all that insecurity on his part.

The thought of breakfast turns my stomach, but I force myself to eat something and then I shower, trying to keep myself occupied until I think Dave might possibly be awake. At eight-thirty I can’t take it anymore and I dial his cell.

“Dave? . . . Yeah, sorry it’s so early, mate, but I need to see you.”

“As soon as possible. Where are you?”

“All right, I’m on my way.”

I hang up before he can protest, shrugging on my leather jacket and grabbing my helmet. I forgot my gloves and the chill air over my skin clears my head. I pull up in front of his cabin and march to his door, banging on it.

“Hey, you got any coffee?” )

Pinch Me

Apr. 24th, 2005 04:04 pm
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Fingers trail across my skin, probe every sensitive spot, lips follow, a hard masculine form pins me down. My body is rocking up against him, trying for more contact, my voice is begging, pleading for more. His lips find mine and I lose myself in his kiss, my fingers dig through his short hair, and his wings spread around me and brush against my arms.

Wait. )



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