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When I wake up, I'm sprawled on the huge bed in our villa. I can see the waters of the lagoon out the window and they are sparkling with the sun that is just starting to hit them. I slept long and deep last night, it's so peaceful here. Sean is lying on my arm and I study his face in the growing light.

He looks serene, rested. I want to give him that, to make being with me like that for him. I sigh, knowing I'm not the easiest person to get along with, but I don't want to be a source of stress for him. We've done all right, so far, being sure we talk to each other. It's hard for me, because I tend to dislike revealing my thoughts and emotions, but he's worth changing my ways for.

We've got a hike up Mt. Otemanu planned for today, and we both brought our boots, anticipating that we wouldn't be swimming the whole time. We'll take the boat around to the east side of Bora, to Anau, where the slopes of the mountain come nearly to the water, and pick up the trail there.

I ease my arm out from under him, and he mutters, turning onto his belly, showing me that gorgeous back of his. I wonder if he'd be opposed to a little molesting first thing in the morning. Deciding to give it a try, I pull the sheet the rest of the way off of him, exposing his delicious ass. I start working kisses down his spine, headed for my target, wanting to open him up with my tongue.

Sean: At first I think it’s a dream . . . the warmth that’s slowly moving over me, the gentle, repetitive pressure against my back. Taking in a deep breath, I rub my face against the pillow, understanding suddenly, in that vague, barely awake way, that this is no dream. There it is again, that soft warm pressure on my skin, and now I’m aware of more . . . your hand on my hip, gripping lightly, and . . . yes, that’s your mouth, coming back to my skin.

“Mmm . . . Karl,” and your name comes out rough, my voice thick with sleep. I’m on my belly, sprawled, and you’re . . . fuck. “Karl, god,” and now I’m awake, body already moving restlessly under you, and bloody hell but your tongue is taking hot swipes against me, tonguing across the small of my back, heading lower. My fingers curl into the sheets, eyes barely adjusted to the bright morning sunlight flooding through the windows as you send your heat teasing along my cleft. A low, hungry sound escapes me, letting you know I feel you and that I want more.

I’m caught, held by the gentle explorations of your tongue as you move over me, your hand tightening on my hip. I need more of you, and my legs open wide and I and arch my back, lifting my arse, offering, asking.

Karl: I'm not sure at what point you wake up, but your voice saying my name sends a spike of heat through me. And your body moving under me, so repsonsive to my touch. When you spread, giving me better access to you, I groan against the flesh under my tongue. I focus more intently on what I'm doing, wanting to get you open, wanting to sink into the heat of your body, feel you tightening around me, spill myself into you. My tongue pulses into you, tasting you as you quiver in response to my efforts.

You're relaxing, muscles loosening, and I place small kisses and nips around your pucker . . . on your cheeks, your perineum, and nuzzling your balls. I scramble for the lube, slick myself, and press against your entrance.

"Let me in, tahu. I want to make love to you, slow and deep."

You give a moan, muffled by the pillow, and tilt your ass up farther, the invitation clear, and I push forward, sliding in until I'm as deep as I can go. I stay still, feeling everything . . . your body around me, how good it feels to be inside you. Just loving how we fit

Sean: I don’t even try and stop the moan that rolls out of me as you ease inside, filling and stretching me and fuck, what a way to wake up. I’m under you, spread for you, aching to be had, and my last rational thought is that I never seem to get enough of you . . . your hunger and your heat. Your weight presses down, pinning me to the bed as my fingers twist in the sheets. You’re not moving, but just resting in me, and I feel like I’m vibrating with need, but I want what you want . . . I want it slow and deep.

I can’t help but rock back on your cock, my breath hitching as you moving so very slightly inside, and christ, you’re buried balls deep and haven’t even taken one stroke, and you’ve got me. You’ve got me, and the need for even more from you makes me tremble.

“God, Karl, yes . . .”

Your hands move over me, and I trust these hands, trust them to either lift me up or shove me down hard. I trust you to take what you want, and to give me what I need. I want you, I have you, and knowing that makes it so very fucking easy to just let go and give you my body, my heart, my words, stripped of any hint of doubt.

“Take me, love, take what’s yours . . . do it so fucking deep, I’ll never forget.”

Karl: With a low growl in response to your words, I begin moving, long strokes, all the way in and back out again, long, slow strokes, so I can feel every inch of you around me. I shift until I can drag over your prostate, slipping over it every time I withdraw. Each push into goes in as far as I can.

When I can't hold out anymore, I pull you up to your knees, and make sure the angle's still good for you, before I start moving faster. I curl over your back and grasp your cock in my fist, smearing your pre-come around, and thumping you harder.

I'm working us both, sending us to the place where all our desires come together. "Sean . . . fuck, feels so good. Gonna come, gonna fill you up, make my claim."

My hand is sliding over you faster and faster as I plunge into you, until I can't hold back anymore, and I thrust into you one last time, hips grinding against you, shooting deep into your body.

Sean: You feel incredible, giving it to me so fucking good, and I’m moaning with the pleasure of it, my body spread for you, letting you in as deep as you want to go. Your drive in, riding hard, pushing me to the edge with each thrust and I want it, so fucking bad. I rock under you, hungry for you as you pull me to my knees and pound in even harder.

You tell me what you want, and then you take it, going hard, going deep, holding me tight as you have me. I’m surrounded by you, filled with you, and your hand is working me and your name tumbles from my lips. The pleasure owns me now, and I’m taking your cock, my body squeezing tight about you as you shove inside, all but fucking me across the bed.

I’m lost, crying out as your hand tightens on my leaking cock, pulling me off roughly. You’re too good, too much, and as the shocking heat of your come pumps me full from deep inside, I can’t hold on. Rocking in your arms, I shove myself back on you with a strangled moan, mouth falling open as my body lets go, coming with you.

Karl: I hold us, while we both shudder through it, my breath rasping, until we relax, and I ease you back down. I don't want to pull out, but I know my weight is too much, so I slide out carefully and drop to your side.

I meet your eyes, pleasure dazed as mine, no doubt. I give you a sated, happy grin. "I slept great and then I had a delicious breakfast. Best holiday ever."

We wrap our arms around each other and roll around on the bed for a bit, kissing and hugging and being silly. You stare down at me with an evil glint in your eyes, and I squirm away from the fingers that are tickling me mercilessly.

"Okay! Stop! Are you ready for breakfast? We've got that mountain out there."

You hit the shower while I call for breakfast. We're not bothering with the dining room because we need to leave. A tray of fresh fruits and other things soon arrives.

Sean: Finishing up in the bathroom, I dress quickly, pulling on a pair of lightweight track pants and an old Blades t-shirt. Finding you snacking on some fresh fruit, I grin, remembering the last time I had some, and sliding my arms about your waist, press close, nuzzling your hair aside and kissing your neck. I pull away, still grinning, finger combing my damp hair back from my face.

“Give over, I’m starving.”

You laugh and hand over some fruit. We eat quickly, and after you grab a quick shower, we gather up our boots and gear, and head out to the boat. I laugh outright, seeing that I was so out of it last night after our ride that I left my camera on the boat. You step to the controls and get the engines going, and I’m taken the memory of your mouth around me last night, sucking on me, and fuck, but that was brilliant. I find myself hoping you want to do that to me again, soon. Hell, I might even ask for it. I run my hand down your back, getting a smile, before moving away.

Stretching out on the padded bench seat, I breathe in the fresh morning air, completely enjoying the sun on my face and the scent of the ocean, the sweet but not cloying perfume from the flowers that grow nearby. You have us moving away from the dock, heading out into the lagoon, and relaxing, I look out at the water mirroring the deep blue sky, dotted with fat white clouds, a contended smile on my face.

Karl: We head across the lagoon at an easy pace, the water sparkling and clear. At Anau, I find a slip for the boat and pay for it for the day. We get our boots on, for some reason, I like to be barefoot on a boat. I've got cargo shorts and a t-shirt, and I get things stowed in my daypack while you do the same. I've brought my usual hiking gear, spare socks, knife, compass, although Bora isn't really big enough to get lost on.

There's a all-purpose store not far from the boat docks and we head there for provisions. I buy trail maps, while you see about getting some food for lunch that won't need to be stored in chilly bins. After talking with the owner a bit about the trails, making sure I've
got a good idea of where we're going, I wander over to the postcard rack. Maybe I'll send one to Aunt June.

I smile as arms slip around me and I show you the card with the view of Mt. Otemanu. "I was thinking about sending this to Aunt June." I turn my head to meet your kiss. "Have everything?"

We grab extra bottles of water and go to pay for the stuff, before loading our packs.

Sean: A few minutes spent getting the gear sorted and we’re ready, heading out. I’m smiling, looking forward to the hike, and because I saw you slip the postcard in your pack along with the rest of the supplies. I’ve come to realize that your aunt is very special to you, and after meeting her, honestly, I can see why. That she’s been there for you when you needed someone, makes her one of my favorite people.

We find the marker that notes the trail proper easily. There’s apparently a few different tracks we can choose from, but I’m content to let you decide, not really caring overmuch. You give me a grin and we start off, traveling for a time in easy silence, just soaking up the beauty and power this place has over the senses. The fresh, sea-salt scent of the ocean wafts over us on a morning breeze as we slowly climb higher. Sunlight sparks off the water, glimmering, and we pause at a small overlook fashioned just off the trail to allow hikers a chance to stop and take it all in.

We’ve been at it a little while now, and my shirt is starting to cling to me in places. I take a sip of water and glance at you, at the sun bright on your face and in your hair. Slipping off my sunglasses, I watch you unobserved for a few moments, blinking against bright light of midmorning, remembering how you felt earlier, inside me.

Taking your hand, I lace my fingers with yours as we rest, still just looking, wondering how the bloody hell I was lucky enough to find my way to you.

Karl: I look at you when you take my hand, and smile at the expression I see there. I had sorta lost hope that I'd be on the receiving end of that kind of look. And I give everything back to you, all the love, all the happiness that we can just be together like this, all the want and need. The sun on you and the sheen of sweat just makes you look more beautiful to me.

I take a long, cooling swig of water, and then lean in to kiss you, enjoying the feel of your mouth on mine. We make out for a bit, and then pull apart with grins.

The map shows two different trails from this point, one a tougher climb than the other. But the easier one looks a little more trampled so I pick the harder one, guessing that there'll be less people on it and we can take our time if we need to.

"You mind trying this one?" I ask, pointing out the route on the map. You agree and I pull you to your feet, memories swamping me all of a sudden of doing this before. But now I know how you feel about me, so I give into temptation and pull you close, mouth seeking.

"Fuck, Sean, I'm glad I can hold you like this." I kiss you once more and then we get back to our hike.

Sean: We continue on, taking our time, and seems there’s not many people opting for this trail, though it offers bloody spectacular views. We find ourselves stopping every little while and just looking about, down at the beautiful blue-green waters and the sides of Mt. Otemanu falling away, at the sea of green plants and trees below, carpeting the island. The sun’s plenty warm now, but there’s a nice breeze flowing, keeping it from being too much.

We’re nearing the peak of the trail, and I find myself feeling the strain beginning in my legs and knees. There’ve been points were we’ve traveled single file, in the more narrow areas on the trail, but now we’re side by side, moving together, hands occasionally brushing. It’s not until we reach the trail’s end, emerging out onto another slightly flatter, wider overlook than the last one we encountered, that I remember my camera. Pulling it out I snap off a few shots, eager to capture the beauty of what I’m seeing, then let it drop, staring.

We stand there for a few minutes, not speaking but just soaking it in. Smiling at you, I raise the camera again, and take a few shots of you, and then a couple more, suddenly realizing I’ve not a single photograph of you.

You grin and wave me off, only suffering the attention a few moments more before stepping close, pulling me to you. I’m in the middle of working out how I can get a shot of the two of us together when you put your hands on me, and christ, you feel good. I lean in, forgetting the camera, just wanting your mouth on mine.

Karl: Intent just on distracting you from the camera, at first, our kiss soon deepens and I'm filled with wanting you again. I don't mind the camera, really, and I'm flattered that you want to photograph me, although I don't know why you'd want to with all the beauty around us.

We're panting when we pull apart, and I wonder how deserted this spot is. This trail led much higher up the sides of the extinct volcano than the other trail did and we haven't seen anyone else since we took it. Perhaps it's too difficult for the casual hiker. Bloody well hope so, because I'm starting to have thoughts of getting naked with you up here.

We sit down on a rock, shoulders brushing, the desire there, simmering under the surface. I'm not anxious about it though, because I know we have time for it, for anything we want. I open my pack. "Want some kip?"

We eat quietly, touching occasionally. When I'm finished, I ball my trash and put it back in my pack. Then I nuzzle against your neck while you finish, breathing in your scent overlaid with sweat, wondering if you mind me getting so close while you're eating.

The words seem to come to me without thinking about them, although they've been on my mind. "I wasn't looking for anything with you, yeah? Wanted to be friends . . . willing to be just friends. Never would have had the courage to start anything, but I wanted to." Fuck, where was I going with this? Oh, yeah. "Just wanted you to know, fuck, maybe you do already. But you . . . thank you for . . . everything. You're a part of me now . . . I feel it."

Sean: Smiling, I relax into you, quickly losing interest in my food as you get close. Your words touch me, and I believe them, I understand them. Looking into your eyes, seeing that warmth there brings my hand up to touch your face, fingertips barely stroking your cheek.

“Karl . . .” I press a warm kiss to your lips, pulling away too soon because I’ve words of my own. “I wasn’t looking either. After Vig,” pausing over the name, I watch your eyes, continuing on when you hold my gaze steadily. “After we split, it was bloody hard. What I felt for him seemed so strong, and I believed in it. Thought I did, anyway. I’ll always care about him, but now . . .”

My palm cradles your cheek. “All the hurt and the madness I’ve come through, it was all worth it, to get to you.” My eyes hold yours, and I need you to believe me. “You’re worth all of it, you’re worth more. You make me want to give you things I’ve never given anyone, never even thought of offering. I want to make you happy . . . fuck knows, I’ve never managed that very well before, but I need to with you. Hope I can, anyway.”

I take a slow, deep breath, wanting in this moment to tell you so much. “You’ve gotten in me, love, and now I can’t do without you. Don’t want to.”

Karl: I nod in the face of your honesty, accepting what you say, kissing you intently, tongue feeling the contours of your mouth. But now we come to it, the thing you've never asked me about, respecting my privacy maybe.

I clear my throat, certain more than ever that you'll hear what I've got to say and not judge me. That's a gift you've given me, more precious than you'll ever know.

"The last time . . . my last relationship. He was just a normal person. But that gang, they wrecked his store once and a few months later they fucking wrecked him. He nearly died. But right before that happened he'd found Éomer and Théodred in my bed. "

It doesn't hurt much anymore. "He was hurt and scared. So I did what I thought I had to, what I told you. When it was over, I went to him to tell him that he was safe. But he didn't give a shit, didn't know what I'd done, but decided that he couldn't accept me taking any action at all. He ran. I don't blame him really. "

I tighten my arms around you, drawing strength from your touch, like always. "But I held back from him, lots of parts of me, not just shifting. And he had to know it. But I'm so different with you . . . giving myself to you just comes so easily. And every time I think about holding back, I just can't. Not from you. So, yeah, I don't think I can do without you either."

Sean: Brushing your hair back behind your ear, I let the soft strands slide through my fingers, taking in all you’ve said. “I’m sorry you were hurt, love . . . but I’m not bloody sorry you’re here with me now.” I smile, still stroking you gently. “Don’t want you to ever hold back, anything.”

Taking your face in my hands, I kiss you, soundly, deeply, pulling back only after long moments spent stroking your warm mouth. You arms are tight about me, and I breathe you in. “Suppose it’s a good thing, you not being able to do without me, because I don’t plan on letting you go.”

I pull you hard against me, wanting the contact, to feel your strong body pressed close. Warm kisses are pressed to your jaw, down your neck to the sweet place where your shoulder begins. Your shirt is in the way so I head back up, mouthing your skin. “Can’t imagine anyone who’d want to let you go,” I mumble, and the hunger is hot in me. Your hands moving across my back has me kissing you again, working your mouth hard, until I have to pull back to breathe.

Your fingers sink into my hair, and my breath hitches as you rub at the nape of my neck. I relax under your hand, eyes sliding shut, head tipping back into your touch. I feel the sun on my face, but it’s your warmth that has my heart thumping in my chest. Finally, my eyes come open, and I find myself staring into your eyes, and christ, I want you.

“Karl, love . . .” I just stare at you, lost, but then, it seems that being lost in you is where I’m safest. “Fuck, but you’ve got me like no one ever has.” My voice is rough and shaky, but I’m grinning. “I love you like mad, you know.”

Karl: My voice is a little shaky too. "Good to know, cause I love you the same." We kiss again and then I reach into my pack, and pull out the light blanket I put in it, in case we needed someplace to sit and eat. But now . . .

I spread it out, and hold out my hands to you. "Lay with me, tahu. We don't have to . . . I mean, I just want to hold you." I want you, want our bodies pressed together, nothing between us, but you might not want that in this place that seems secluded, but still open to the bloody public. I'm feeling reckless and uninhibited though, overwhelmed by love and lust.

Your grin as you pull your boots off sends a curl of heat through my belly and I don't think either of us is feeling very sensible at the moment. I take mine off and pull you down with me. We hold on tightly, legs rubbing slowly together. I'm feeling so fucking good in so many ways . . . in this beautiful place with my mine beautiful man in my arms.

Our kisses are slow, but gradually get more serious.

Sean: We break apart, my breath coming faster, mouth tingling from your kisses. My body’s responding to your warmth and your feel, and I press close, needing more. Getting my arms about you, I pull you down, rolling onto my back because that’s the best way to get your delicious weight pressing down on me. Love the way you feel, the way you look, eyes watching me with hunger, and something much more, in them.

A smile curves my lips, and it’s your smile, meant just for you. I stroke my hands down your back, mapping firm muscles, your every dip and curve through the thin shirt. “You’re mad,” I say, grinning, because I see what you’re wanting, here in this place made of sunlight, beauty and warm, ocean breezes . . . and that’s deceptively private. This is a public trail after all, but I can’t quite bring myself to give a damn.

My hands curve over your arse, cupping you, kneading languidly, as if I’ve all day to do nothing else but touch you, but use my hands to push your hips down against mine.

“Tahu,” I say softly, watching you, wanting you, relishing the sound of the name rolling off my tongue. “Tell me what you want.”

Karl: I give a whimpering moan as I press down on you at your urging, the feel of your hardness against mine glorious. What do I want? I don't know, it seems I've got bloody well everything I ever wanted right here. But I guess you're talking about the immediate future.

"I want . . . to touch you, all over. To be next to you." Not necessarily for us to fuck, because in my experience, outdoor sex is never as much fun as it seems like it would be. Amazing amount of crap sticks to lube. Although I brought some, just in case. But the fact that we might be discovered is a distant worry.

"We said we'd explore, I want to do that. To explore you, and have you explore me." I cover your mouth again, the fascinating mouth that draws me back time and again, because I always wanna tangle my tongue with yours, the tongue you tease me with relentlessly.

I push back against your hands, wanting them on my ass, wanting you searching out every place on my body that responds to you. Then I thrust forward again, letting you feel how you affect me.

Sean: You push against me and I can’t help the low, hungry sound that escapes, that’s smothered against your mouth as we kiss. My hands tighten on your arse, massaging slowly as I open to you, moaning softly around your tongue. Getting one hand into your hair, I hold you close as our mouths work together, sometimes hard, sometimes gently. I’m all but panting as you finally pull back, hair hanging about your face. I brush it back behind your ear, smiling, looking up at you, framed by the deep blue sky, and all the while our bodies are slowly riding one another, hard cocks brushing together.

I’m warm, head to toe, feeling no particular urgency, but thinking that I could lay here all day with my hands on you. Keeping one tight on your arse, I send the other down your back, stroking your spine, playing in the sweet dip just above your arse. Licking my lips, I take a stuttering breath as your hips rock down, a hard tease against me. You feel bloody incredible, and holding your eyes with mine, I snag your hand, bring it to my mouth.

Pressing warm kisses to each knuckle, I take my time, nipping each finger pad, letting you feel my teeth, before taking small, teasing licks along the length of each digit, and then tonguing your palm. My hand tightens on your arse as I suck your index finger into my mouth and stroke you, imagining I can feel the whorls of your fingertip against my tongue. I hum contentedly, giving myself over to exploring you, to loving you, this way.

Karl: My body relaxes against you, growing heavy from your treatment of my hand, tingles shooting up my arm, and I'm panting from your mouth on me. I've got a bloody good idea how you felt last night in the boat. My hips move against you in rhythm to your sucking. I don't think anyone's ever paid such concentrated attention to me like this before. To something that's not my dick anyway.

Your hand on my butt is making that portion of me more sensitive too, and I'm starting to fall apart, lying here sprawled over you like this. I spread my legs, letting your hand explore me any way you want to.

"Sean," my voice is husky, low. "Please . . . want to be naked." You stop and help me get my shirt off, and we roll together, taking yours off too. Your mouth moves to my wrist, where the skin is thin, your teeth gripping lightly, getting another moan out of me.

"Sean, I'm yours . . . for whatever you want." Not exactly what you asked me, but you're making it bloody difficult to think.

Sean: I pull away at your words, but only so far as to roll you on your back, hissing softly as our skin slides together, heated from the sun, from being this close and feeling this good. You’re hot, sweaty under me, and trailing my fingers over your bare chest, I press kisses to each nipple, taking my time with gentle licks and nips, until at last easing back.

Mine,” and I mouth the word against your sunlit skin, rub my cheek slowly, back and forth over the last nipple I tasted. You give me a soft moan, and I grin, repeating the motion. “Want you to come for me, love.” I finally say. “Want you to come hard, for me.” Your nipple is firm, skin a bit reddened where I’ve rubbed my stubble.

Leaning in, I give another slow lick, and pulling back, I blow against you, letting my breath feather over you. My grin widens as you twist, your mouth falling open, taking in a shaky breath. “Beautiful, love,” and my hands are busy again, stroking over your neck, down the hollow of your throat, down over your chest. We move together, hips grinding, and I want to watch you lose it, want to . . .

“Want to watch you, love.” I straddle you, rubbing down hard, blatant. Snagging your hand again, I kiss the inside of your wrist, your palm, and rock my hips against you, wanting to take my pleasure on you, my lover, wanting you to do the same.

Karl: Your weight on my pelvis is delicious pressure, and I can't stop myself from pushing up against you, frantic to rub myself all over you. "Yes." I hiss.

I grip your ass with my free hand, starting to lose it. "Fuck, get my shorts open." You release my hand and my fingers fumble with my zipper, but you brush my hands away and get me out quickly, and my cock is rubbing on bare skin and I realise you've gotten yours free too. I groan raggedly at the contact, my rocking beyond my control now, lost in the things you do to my body. Lovemaking is so much more intense with you, I think because of the weight of the emotion behind it.

My hold on you tightens, moving you to meet my hard-driving thrusts, the contact of our naked pricks sending tingles down my spine. "Ah, fuck, feels so good." I mash you down on me, wanting more, getting so close . . .

You grab my hand again, lips and teeth, it's sending me off. "Sean . . . " I groan, and your teeth bear down hard on my wrist, fuck, that's it. My spine bows, and I shout my lust into the sky, while my cock jumps and spatters us both.

Sean: Christ, you’re the hottest thing I’ve ever known, bucking under me, hands on me arse, gripping hard, pushing me down. Our cocks ride together and the pleasure shocks through me, and I’m rubbing and panting, chasing that feeling and getting it, again and again, each time you move against me. “God, Karl, fuck!” and I give over to it, grinding down.

You’re gorgeous, working hard under me, shining with sweat. Grabbing your hand, wanting the connection again, I get my mouth on you, teeth closing about your wrist. You arch and twist, calling out my name. I feel your heat splash against me, and that does it. Your wrist slides from my mouth, but I keep a tight grip on you, and I’m moaning, curling over your body, coming on you. The bliss pulses through me, has me first moaning your name, then going breathless. Finally, I relax and cover you with my body, stretching out on top of you, sighing at the feel of come sliding between us, of my mark on you. Fuck.

Moments slide by, and I lay still, heart thumping in my chest and listening to you breathe. Before long, I remember that I should move off, so I roll to my side, pulling you into my arms, not wanting to let go, not giving a fuck if someone walks right up on us. Kissing your temple, I tighten my embrace and inhale your scent, and that of our sex. I’ve the vague notion I’ll never be able to smell the sea without thinking of you, like this, sated in my arms.

“Love . . . always so good. Always so fucking good.”

Karl: My eyes are sunstruck, light dazzling them. Your hands are on me still, warm and secure. I smile against your skin, with happiness, with amusement. Both of us lying here, out on a public trail with our dicks hanging out, not giving a shit.

"Yeah, it is always good between us . . . " You may think I'm a bloody goof, but . . "not that I've been that much in love before, but it seems like that what does it. You know . . . how I feel about you."

Yeah, fucking . . . that I've got lots of experience with, actually loving someone . . . not really.

We stay there a bit longer, in the sunlight and ocean breezes, talking and touching, exchanging unhurried kisses, just enjoying the contact between our bodies. But finally we both get up and set our clothing to rights, and I fold the blanket and put it back in my pack. We take a quick look around the ledge to make sure we haven't left anything and then shoulder our packs, ready for the walk back down the mountain.

Sean: I’m not tired, which is surprising, given how brilliantly hard I just came. Even so, I’m glad we’re climbing down, this time, instead of up. There’s still a lot of daylight left, we got an early enough start, and the climb took a while but the entire is afternoon is ahead of us. We’ve nothing planned after the hike, and I’m smiling, envisioning lazing the rest of the day away in bed, maybe even taking dinner there.

Gathering up our gear and getting ourselves sorted for the hike back down, I’m thinking about what you said. I’m thinking that you’ve got it, exactly right. I have been in love before, but nothing that’s come before has had me feeling I like do with you. It’s not just the incredible sex, it’s not just . . . it’s you. You’ve done this for me, and I don’t know how I managed it, how I got so bloody lucky, but I’m determined not to let this slip through my fingers.

We’re ready, our gear in our packs, standing on the trail, taking one long, last look about. Turning to you, I grin. “You’re right, you know.” Taking your hand, I press a kiss to your knuckles, pull you close and press another to your mouth. “It is love.”

You give me a smile, and taking a step down the trail, I tug you along, eager to get back to the villa, and lose myself in you, all over again.

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February 2011

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