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Great, fucking great. How do I get talked into this shit? And by my so-called best friend, no less. Who knows how much I fucking hate shifting, but yet twists my arm and plays on my guilt trips. We can’t let the innocents suffer. Davey-boy, I may have to take you off that list, or else you’d better make sure dinner is absolutely spectacular. So I dress in my loosest clothes, and start calling the lunatic that shares my head.

Éomer! Come here! Now I feel absolutely ridiculous. Maybe horseboy is too busy to answer.

Karl? Shit, not my day, I guess.

Listen, I just got word from Dave that Faramir is worried about the loose wargs running around here. He wants to hunt them down and he wants you to help him.

Of course I will help. Now?

Unless you have something else to do.

My éored is not on patrol at the moment, I can come there. Thank you for your faith in me.

It was Faramir’s idea. Then I reflect how ungracious I sounded. Thank you for helping, I don’t want anyone else in Wellie suffering because of the fucking bowl.

We meet and I tell him how to reach Dave’s place, which he has been to but never driven himself there. I could have done it, I suppose, but I know he likes the bike and I’m still trying to be more understanding of him. We say goodbye and I fade away.

Éomer This is unexpected. Karl letting me come out at a time other than a pre-arranged meeting with Théo. I hope this means that he is starting to like me.

He has given me permission to take the bike, so I get his spare helmet, hoping that Faramir will agree to ride with me. He knows where the wargs are roaming. I follow Karl’s directions to the place where Faramir is staying and I shudder as I go past the elf man’s house, remembering what took place there.

I pull up at the house in the woods and knock on the door. )


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