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After getting some interesting vintages out of the wine cellar, including one of the bottles of Camigliano, I bring my finds to the kitchen. Sean's got his hands in something for dinner, the sleeves of his jumper pushed up to his elbows. I whinged enough that he agreed to come up with something for Paris.

Seeing him at work in the kitchen does things to me, probably because that's where our first, never-to-be-forgotten kiss took place, but it lights a warm fire low in my belly, a mixture of lust and love. And I fit myself behind him, nosing the scent at the back of his neck, smiling when he turns around for a quick kiss.

I leave him alone and get out the stuff for the marinade for the lamb chops. I whisk that together and get the chops soaking before I wander outside to get the outdoor hearth lit and pull the cushions for the chairs out of their storage. It's cold tonight, but we've got
plenty of wine, good food, and friends coming around in a little while so it should be fun to sit out here at least for a bit.

Have trouble finding the place? )
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I pull the truck up into the yard at Dave's house . . . although, from what Paris said, that's not entirely accurate anymore. In any case, I start unloading Smokey Joe, yelling for Paris as I go. He had called, suggested riding down on the beach before it got too cold. I was agreeable, I know he's proud of that horse of his and I became fond of Cavalo myself in the two weeks that he spent in my barn. Éomer did all right by Paris with that.

And Sean agreed to let me out of bed for the day. I smile happily . . . it still amazes me how we can't get enough of each other. I consider telling Paris about him, but we've never talked about informing our friends. Viggo found out more or less by accident . . . I could have pretended that Sean and I were just meeting for some friendly drinks, but my possessiveness wouldn't allow it. Viggo's one thing . . . he tends to mind his own business. Paris and Dave are something else and the shifts are mixed up with them too.

I decide I'll wait till Sean's with me before I spill.

Smokey evidently smells either Cavalo or Laurelea and he tosses his head up as I'm trying to get him down the ramp, giving a welcoming bugle.

"Silly oaf. You'll get your play time." I shove at him and he moves reluctantly.

Paris! )
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Paris:I’ve been looking forward to riding again, and was pleased when Karl rang to arrange this. Now the cast is off, I can give you a driving lesson too before we take Smokey Joe out to Dave’s and I think you’ll pick it up easily.

We start off in Karl’s yard so you can get the hang of the basics. )
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Éomer: Smokey Joe prances as I lead him out of the barn, and he’s more restive than I have ever seen him. I frown, wondering if Karl’s injury has prevented him from properly exercising his horse. I can manage well enough in the cast, so it should not interfere with Karl either. Although I had not planned to ride him this morning, I want the horse calm for this lesson, so I bridle him and then slide onto his back. After a few turns around the pasture, he settles down and I bring him to the fence, remove the bridle and tie his halter rope to a post.

There is plenty of time left before my student arrives, and I give Smokey Joe a very quick rubdown and put a blanket on him against the cold. Then I get the rest of the items we will need this morning out of Karl’s tack room. Long lead rope. Saddle and blanket. Curry comb and brush. Paris must start with the very simplest of tasks that are involved with riding a horse.

Smokey Joe stands calmly beside me and I feed him some apple slices from my pocket while we wait. )
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Éomer: The sun is well up though Théo had rousted us out of bed early, eager to get to his plans for the day, but not so much that he did not have time to wake me with his mouth on my cock. By the time I was aware of what was happening my hips were working against his mouth. I pulled him around to me, wanting to taste his own silky flesh in my mouth and his seed on my tongue. After we brought each other to shuddering completion, then I was just as ready for our day's plans.

Théo handed me a cup of the dark bitter drink that he favors and I find that I am growing accustomed to it, even starting to like it. We breakfasted on sweet bread and fruit, eating while we sat together, our legs entwined.

But now we are on the way to find a horse for Théo while we are here and he has gone, leaving you driving Karl's truck again. We are almost to the place where your friend, Mike, has his string of trail horses. You tell me that they are obtainable to rent for anyone with the coin to pay for them, and I am skeptical as to their value, knowing that a horse and rider must be matched carefully and cannot form a good partnership if it is nothing more than an economic transaction.

Nevertheless, as the small farmstead comes into view, I find that I am keen to see what kind of horses this Mike has available.

We go to find a horse for Théo. )

Eventually NC-17
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I'm restless, Eric's doing inventory, so I'm at loose ends and I'm sick of being home, feel like getting out. Don't feel like drinking by myself, what I really want to do is play . . . something. I remember talking to Paris about hustling pool . . . wonder if he'd like to go. Probably tied up with Dave, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to check, I haven't seen him in a while, since the horseboys have learned their way around Wellie so well.

Mentally cursing my disorganization, I hunt around for Paris' number, before remembering that I saved it in my phone. Next problem, finding the phone. I glare at Ire who appears to be laughing at my frustration.

"Go away, you mangy beast." He rolls over lazily, and starts licking his balls. Now I really need to go out, I'm getting disrespected by my own dog.

Phone finally located, I call Paris, who is free, surprisingly enough.

We agree to meet at Copperface Jacks on Kent Terrace. )
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Karl: I have slept the clock around since I got home yesterday morning. When I wake up, I’m ravenous and I make a pig of myself before I feel better. And I still feel like laying around all day, but first, I've got another promise to keep.

I sort through the pile of papers on my desk, scraps of scribbled notes and receipts and such. My arm twinges, the pain stinging as the bandages pulling against the raw skin. But I ignore it, until I find what I'm looking for . . . a cell phone number that I tossed on the desk in anger months ago.

Paris and I started a tentative friendship, when we thought we were free of our horseboys for good, but now . . . I sigh. I don't know if he's up for the bullshit, but I promised Éomer I would arrange it.

I dial the number. This feels so bloody weird, like I'm setting up a date for my slightly homely daughter or something. )
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Paris:I got home around six, and there were two messages on my machine. One from Dave, saying he wouldn't be back until later, and one from Karl. I left a message for him this morning, asking if he wanted to come over tonight for something to eat with us and he was confirming he'd be here. I wonder if he realises yet? That they're gone? Least we'll be able to talk this time without Théodred doing his party trick. Wanted to see how he was doing too. My knuckles are healing, but slowly. It's a bitch at work cause I keep cracking the skin open again. I fed the furballs, and headed off for a quick shower, and opened the yard gate so Karl can drive the bike straight in.

Usually, I'd sit out on the steps, have a beer, unwind after work, but the fog is still so thick, I head back in, grab a cold one from the fridge, and flop down on the couch. I let the bottle dangle from my fingers as I go over what needs to be done tomorrow in my head, and it's not too long before I hear the throaty purr of a Harley engine pulling up outside, and Ise beats me to the door. )
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When I come back to myself and find I have extra jewelry on my chest, I realize it's time to stop depending on other people to fix my problems. I'll deal with Éomer, someday I'll make peace with him.
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Karl: I'm drifting in that pleasant world between sleeping and waking, feeling relaxed and contented. I haven't slept this well in weeks, perhaps because I'm curled around another warm body. Mmm, when did this happen? Maybe I'm still dreaming.

My dick hardens with my usual morning interest and my hand slides over solid muscles. Nice. I inhale, smelling sex and male arousal. He is breathing the slow deep breaths of someone far into sleep. His back is to me and I run my lips across a shoulder blade, letting my hips give a slow grind against him. His breathing changes slightly and I smile, hoping he has the same idea I do when he wakes up.

Funny, though, I really don't remember going out last night. )


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