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We've left the town, heading up into the hills for some privacy and to try out the gloves I just bought.
Until a phone call interrupts everything
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Today we're going in to Montalcino, to look at some architecture and wander around.
The castle is old and mellow.
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After a lazy morning loving each other, we finally make it to the winery.
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Twenty hours in a plane. From one side of the world to the other. From spring to fall. I haven't had to do this heaps, usually start from LA before I head to Europe, but this time it's for fun. And it wasn't so bad. Sean and I spent the whole time talking. It started out with my efforts to distract Sean from the idea that he's on a bloody plane, but it soon turned into a long rambling chat about everything under the fucking sun. Our plans, our hopes, things we'd done and seen, things we want to do in Italy, and a few filthy suggestions made in a rough Yorkshire accent that made me whimper with need.

The plane landed almost before we knew it, but the car ride into the hills was too much for me, and I slumped in the seat, using Sean's shoulder for a pillow. The movement stopping woke me up and I sit up rubbing my eyes. It's dark, and I've got no fucking idea what time it is. Dark.

But there's an immense expanse of stone and rough-hewn wood, I can see that much. And there's Sean's warm hand snugged underneath my shirt, rubbing my back. The air is chilly and I shiver, and the hand squeezes, guiding me inside.

Put a bed under me )


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