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I've got to find our bogus stuntman and make sure he knows what to do if we are called into court.

I can't place your accent . . . where are you from?
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Great, fucking great. How do I get talked into this shit? And by my so-called best friend, no less. Who knows how much I fucking hate shifting, but yet twists my arm and plays on my guilt trips. We can’t let the innocents suffer. Davey-boy, I may have to take you off that list, or else you’d better make sure dinner is absolutely spectacular. So I dress in my loosest clothes, and start calling the lunatic that shares my head.

Éomer! Come here! Now I feel absolutely ridiculous. Maybe horseboy is too busy to answer.

Karl? Shit, not my day, I guess.

Listen, I just got word from Dave that Faramir is worried about the loose wargs running around here. He wants to hunt them down and he wants you to help him.

Of course I will help. Now?

Unless you have something else to do.

My éored is not on patrol at the moment, I can come there. Thank you for your faith in me.

It was Faramir’s idea. Then I reflect how ungracious I sounded. Thank you for helping, I don’t want anyone else in Wellie suffering because of the fucking bowl.

We meet and I tell him how to reach Dave’s place, which he has been to but never driven himself there. I could have done it, I suppose, but I know he likes the bike and I’m still trying to be more understanding of him. We say goodbye and I fade away.

Éomer This is unexpected. Karl letting me come out at a time other than a pre-arranged meeting with Théo. I hope this means that he is starting to like me.

He has given me permission to take the bike, so I get his spare helmet, hoping that Faramir will agree to ride with me. He knows where the wargs are roaming. I follow Karl’s directions to the place where Faramir is staying and I shudder as I go past the elf man’s house, remembering what took place there.

I pull up at the house in the woods and knock on the door. )
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Walking into this club the music is almost deafening and the pulsing beat catches in my chest, but it is not an unpleasant experience. Mer leads me down the stairs, deeper into the belly of the place, and we pause halfway down to scan the room, but there are so many pockets of darkness in this place our quarry could be anywhere. He touches my hand, and we head off towards the bar, both of us alert as we walk lest our prey slip past us.

Tonight we hunt.

When the time came for Karl to let Mer free again, I rode Paris’ bike out to Karl’s steading, smiling to see him waiting for me on the porch with a bottle of ale. I took his hand and led him up to the bedroom, once again giving him my reassurances that he would wake in his own home, with me and not Paris before him. I neglected to tell him that we would be heading back to the warehouse to find me suitable attire to wear to the club the Playboys were playing at almost as soon as he left.

Almost. Mer’s hands were on me as soon as he shifted, and I was thrown face down on the bed as he took me hard and fast, his mouth on my neck, his hand roughly bringing me to completion. After, as we lay wrapped up in each other, I told him my plan. He dug through Karl’s drawers and cupboards to find suitable clothes, stuffed them into a bag, and I took us back into town, where we went through Paris’ clothes to find me something to wear. The soft tight leather breeches I approved of, but I was not sure about the black shirt made of net that Mer gleefully found, although it did show off the nipple ring. Which set my mind working …

Getting into our new clothes provided more distractions, and so to save time, I dragged him into Paris’ “shower”, the hot water pounding down on our skin adding to the sensations as I pushed into him, coming as I kissed him, water running over our faces.

Finally we were ready to leave, although the sight of him in tight breeches and that black silk shirt, his hair free around his shoulders almost had me dragging him back to bed, but I knew there would be time for that later. Now, we had someone to find.

Faramir. )


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