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I walk out onto the deck around the pool, coffee cup in hand, staring absently out over our land. I'm feeling restless and twitchy. Sean is in the shower, and I could go join him, but I want something else today. He hasn't said much about the planning that he . . . or Boromir, has done with Faramir and Théodred, and I haven't asked. He understands my reasons for staying out of this fight and why I won't let Éomer in it either. I'm sure Dave and Paris think I'm a coward, but that's nothing I can change.

The wind ruffles my hair, the breeze giving me an idea. I dodge back inside, tapping the keys on the laptop sitting on the bench. I grin, liking my idea better and better. This will be perfect to shake off my mood.

I slide into some beat up cargo shorts and then pull the boards out of the shed and carry them around to the deck. I pour myself another cup of coffee and then get busy with the wax. I've got my Mal between my knees, sighting along the edge, and letting the sun catch the wax to make sure it's done properly, when Sean comes out. He's wearing low-slung jeans and his feet are as bare as mine. I eye his toes, hoping that Sean'll agree to my plan, cause I'll get to perv on his toes all day if he does.

At his inquiry, I answer, "I checked the beach report. The surf's high at White Rock on Wairarapa."

"Come to the beach with me?"

Sean: Looking down at you I smile, nodding already, because I can see you’re eager to be off. “You about sorted there?” You nod, and for a moment I watch as the sunlight catches in your hair as you smooth a hand over your board. “Right, I’ll grab us something for lunch, quick like.”

It’s still early yet, but I know you, once you’re out there on the waves you’re likely to stay out for hours. You’re brilliant at it, and it’s something you enjoy, so much so that sometimes I wonder if we should’ve chosen a place closer to the ocean. I’m more than willing to go, particularly if it’ll take away that lingering look that’s shadowed your eyes since the war council, and especially since I came back after Boromir’s unexpected shift recently.

Though I know of Boromir, Faramir and Théodred’s basic plan of keeping Jed watched, on a short leash and well supplied with altheas tea, I’m not in on a lot of the particulars. I’m not going to volunteer any that I do know, either, unless asked, and I well understand your reasons for not wanting to. Honestly, I want to keep you out of the whole business as much as I can, you’ve had too many close calls. Just, too bloody many.

Shaking myself out of my brooding, I finish up with the lunch and head upstairs to change into some shorts. Can’t find any of mine, so I grab a pair of yours and head back down. By the time I’m sorted you’ve got the truck loaded, ready and waiting. Grinning at you, I toss the gear into the back and climb in beside you.

Karl: My mood is up already, especially seeing you looking gorgeous in my shorts that look like they're about to take a header off your hips. I wrap a hand around your neck and pull you in for a quick kiss, before I start the motor.

As we cross the Rimutaka Ranges, and start driving along Manawatu River, the sun is fully out, blazing across the landscape through the clear air. I turn to you, my grin wide, and more of the weight I've felt lifts. Neither of us is going into any danger today, no more than ordinary and I'm bloody happy about it. We've go plenty of food and beer in chilly bins, blankets and towels, my wetsuit, and leisure reading for you.

I hope to persuade you for a swim later, after I've worked my energy out in the waves. I snort. I hope the beach is fairly deserted, cause those shorts of mine aren't gonna take much. I think I like the idea of you suddenly prancing about in the water bare to everything.

It's all I can do to sit still as we finish the drive down to the coast.

Sean: You get the truck parked and we climb out, I’m smiling to myself because I see the eager look in your eyes as you measure up the waves rolling in. It’s warm and bright, the sky clear and blue, dotted with the cloud cover from this morning that’s rapidly breaking up, allowing pristine shafts of sunlight streaking earthwards and spangling the ocean with glittering light. We quickly get our gear down to the beach and sorted, and looking about I note gladly that there’s not another soul to be seen.

You grab your board and I grab you, pulling you close for a sloppy kiss, mumbling, “Be careful,” against your lips before letting go.

My gaze rakes over you as you pull off your shirt, staring at your smooth, tempting skin, and the play of muscle across your back as you move damn near has me grabbing you again. You flash me a grin and you’re off, taking to the waves like a fish. I watch for awhile as you ride the waves, your figure small in the distance. A few times you disappear and I search the water anxiously, but each time you bob up soon enough, swiping hair out of your face.

Feeling happier than I should, perhaps, what with the fucking ringwraith situation, I settle on the towel, thumbing through the book I brought. It’s peaceful here with nothing but the sound of the waves frothing against the beach. Getting comfortable, I toss the book aside and sprawl out, not worrying when your shorts ride down a bit. It’s feels brilliant, stretched out in the sun and just being lazy. The sky’s too bright though, so I close my eyes, just for a moment . . .

Karl: After a few hours, the water temperature reminds me that there's nothing between here and Antarctica but a few stray icebergs. I shake the water off as I head back for the beach, shivering slightly. I'll get some kai and some hot coffee, and my wetsuit, then I'll go back out.

But I stop, my breath catching in my throat, feeling like something just hit me in the bloody chest. You're there on the towel, asleep, you body golden in the warm summer sunlight. The breeze ruffles your hair, and the sun is warming you, and I'm jealous that they're touching you and I'm not. And I can't remember anything in this world that has ever looked so beautiful to me.

I settle into the sand with a sandwich and coffee, unable to stop looking at you. As I swallow the last of the food, I notice that my shorts are clinging more desperately to you, and there's a pale line of skin below your belly button that's exposed to the light.

Can't have you burning that English complexion. I smirk and reach into the rucksack for the sun lotion. Getting a small dab on my fingers, I rub it lightly on that tantalizing strip of skin.

Sean: Even before opening my eyes, I’m smiling, feeling the gentle rub low on my belly. Opening up slowly, blinking in the bright sunlight, I take in a slow breath. You’re by my side, looking down at me with mischief and heat in your hazel eyes. My body responds to you, just from this bare touch, just from you looking at me. I stretch a bit, liking the feel of the sun’s warmth on me, liking even more the unfailing warmth you put in me, deep inside.

Arching my back lazily, I lick my lips, savoring the way your gaze rakes over me and how that makes me feel, like there’s nothing else you’re rather be doing. A deeply satisfying feeling, this, knowing you want me, and I let myself enjoy it, propping up on my elbows, letting your shorts slip down a small bit more. Your eyes don’t miss the result of my movement, and you smile slowly, sliding your hand along me, getting more lotion on the newly exposed strip of me belly.

You seem rather intent on your work, so I’m content for now to just lie still, taking in another steadying breath as you work more lotion up my chest, tracing the line of my collarbone. Your touch moves higher, gliding over my neck and letting my head fall back, I relish the feel of your warm hand moving over my jugular, your slicked fingers curling about my neck, your thumb swiping along my jaw line before you travel back down, trailing fingers through the hollow of my throat.

Lifting my head, I stare at you, at your fingers circling over your tattoo set in my skin. The lotion makes the skin and ink glisten, and lying here under your hand, with your shorts barely concealing my awakening cock, I feel naked and bare, and I love it. The sun glistens in your dripping hair, slicked back from your face, made almost black because it’s soaked through from the ocean. Your tanned skin shines with it too, and I know that underneath the salt of the sea, I’ll still taste you, your warmth and your flavor I’ve come to crave, to love.

Your eyes glitter, intent gaze moving between my body and my face, and I take in the vision of you greedily, and it occurs to me to wonder how long I’ve dozed. A small sliver of worry works through the spell you’re weaving about me.

“Sorry, love, didn’t mean to nod off. Should’ve kept a closer eye on you, while you were out,” I say, reaching for you. If you’d gotten in trouble out there, me lying about and dozing wouldn’t have done you much bloody good, and now I need to touch you, get me hands on you.

Karl: You're stretching like a cat under me. A big golden cat, you are. Lazy and dangerous, but sleepy and gentle now. I concentrate on making you purr, wanting to see how long the shorts last before they finally give up and leave you naked. The top of your cock is peeping out and you squirm your hips, working the fabric down farther. I don't think I've ever seen anyone strip by simply squirming before. I finally give in and help them off you. I sit back on my heels, looking at your sun-gilded body.

The breeze shifts across the sand and I shiver, suddenly wanting to be curled up in your warmth. "Cold," I whisper. "Shorts're wet."

Your smirk is pure evil and I laugh as your hands get me naked with ruthless efficiency. Fuck, it feels good being so easy here with you. You pull me down onto the blanket and I've got the warmth I wanted, and I get close to you, borrowing your heat.

Sean: My hands are on you, my mission to make sure you get what you want, warmth, and anything else you need. We roll together, and I’m bloody glad we brought the big towel, more a blanket, really. Tangling my legs with yours, my hands glide over your chest as I mouth kisses along your neck. You give me a low growl, hands curling over my arse, pulling me tighter against you.

Drawing back, just enough to look into your eyes, I smile, carding fingers through your damp hair. “Wanna get you warm, love.”

Your hold tightens and I grin, taking your mouth, kissing gently, a slow caress of my lips against yours, of my tongue stroking inside you before the hunger rises between us. Another growl and you pull me in even tighter. Moaning softly into your mouth, the kiss turns demanding, and we work one another hard until I must pull away, mouth stinging, breath coming fast.

Your eyes are on me as I draw away, sliding down your body, laying wet, open mouthed kisses against your chest, licking each nipple into hard little nubs. “Going to use me mouth on you, love. Swallow you whole, hold you as you fuck me that way.”

You buck and I grin, drawing your nipple ring into my mouth, pulling on it rhythmically until your movements turn even more restless. Releasing you, I skate hungry kisses down the center of your tanned chest, relishing the taste of you, stopping to flick my tongue into your navel. My hands curl over your hips as you spread your legs, and with a low moan I settle into place between them, licking my lips at the sight of your beautiful cock, standing hard and full.

Meeting your gaze, I take a long look at you spread out before me. “Beautiful, mura,” I whisper roughly, gently smoothing my cheek against your cock, savoring your sharp intake of breath as I press soft kisses along the shaft, flicking my tongue.

There’s moisture from your leaking tip on my cheek, bringing a shiver of desire in me as my fingers cradle your balls, gently rolling them. Desire is singing in me, a fire under my skin. The sun is golden on you, and you’ve taken my breath. I want more than anything to pleasure you, have you take what you need. I’ve still a small bit of willpower left, and not ready to stop teasing you, I turn my head, letting my hair curl about your sensitive cock. You hiss and I grin, getting my fingers about you, I hold you against me, and moving gently, rub you harder against my hair.

“What do ya want, love? Come down me throat, or in me hair?”

Karl: Your mouth, your words, the love in your eyes, everything you do to me sends me to a place of ecstasy, and I'm lost without you guiding me, your hands moulding me into someone who lives for nothing but pleasure. You know me, inside and out, and it's a fucking wonderful feeling and every time we come to it, I realise how much you make me whole.

I sprawl on the blanket, opening myself for you, responding to your every touch. My body is getting out of my control. I'm gasping at every touch, crying out to the empty beach. Your wicked mouth gets on my cock and it jumps, knowing you.

"Please, tahu."

But your eyes are full of mischief and I groan. But I hear your question through a daze and I nearly come right then. There's something so naughty, so dirty, about shooting myself into your hair. So wrong. But not between us. Between us nothing is wrong, everything we do to each other is full of love, and becomes right because we want it.

"Oh, fuck, yes. Want to paint you with it."

I arch into your touch, my body yours to control, and your deft hands work me, play me so well.

Sean: Your rough words, your cries, sends lust knifing through me. “Yes, love, paint me. Give it to me.”

Your body writhes under my hands, and I work your cock mercilessly, making sure my hair is twined about you, tickling along your hard dick, and thank christ I didn’t get that haircut the other day. “Paint me, Karl, show me who I belong to, give me what’s mine.”

Your moan is the most beautiful sound I’ve ever known, and I work you hard, hand riding you faster, tangling my hair about your hot shaft. “Now, mura,” I growl, and with a loud, lost cry, your sweat-sheeted body arches, back bowing as the pleasure takes you. I hold you tight against me as you shoot off, and I moan softly as your come jets through my fingertips, marking my hand and hair.

For long moments you’re caught in the moment, and I hold you against me, until finally I release you, pressing kisses to your softening shaft as you settle. You’re lying boneless on the towel, sprawled, and looking at you, catching your gaze, I’m staring as I sit back. I’m practically panting, chest rising and falling with what we’ve done, and christ, you’re so fucking sexy, so fucking beautiful. Slowly, enjoying the way your eyes widen as you watch me, I pull my fingers though my hair, carding it back from my face.

My fingers come away glistening with your seed, and I moan audibly, because I’ve had lovers that have wanted to do this to me, but it never appealed before, not until now. Now, I’m giving this to you, and in the giving I take such fucking pleasure. My cock is hard, aching, and staring into your eyes, I lick my fingertips clean.

Sweat prickles my skin, and I’m so fucking hot as I slide up your body, scattering kisses as I go, blatantly licking your own sweat from your chest, stretching out by your side. Your arms go about me, pulling me close and I moan as my cock is trapped between us.

“Fucking incredible, you are, mura,” I manage, rolling you on top of me, panting as your belly glides against my dick. “Need you,” I rasp, ready to beg, do anything to get your hands on me, in me, anything.


Karl: I press my weight down onto you, grinding my hips against your hardness trapped between us. I dive onto your mouth, thrusting my tongue inside, exploring ever corner of you, licking the taste of you out of your mouth and into mine. You taste sweet and salty, and the slight lingering flavor of my come. I make a small sound, greedily going after the flavors inside your mouth.

You're struggling against me, lifting your hips, your breath ragged by the time I release your mouth. I pull back, taking small kisses, nipping at you. Your eyes are dark, brilliant green in the bright sunshine, full of love and lust for me.

"Mine, tahu."

Your hands are clinging to my back and I take your wrists, sliding them above your head while you twist underneath me. You gasp as I press you hands into the sand above your head. I smirk and move my mouth to your shoulders, tracing the tattoos there, the Fellowship one and the Blades. I work my mouth over your torso, stopping to worry at your nipples, teeth and tongue on the delicate buds and I feel how thin your skin is there. You taste of sun screen, coconuts and aloe, and I remember endless day playing in the sunshine on Bora Bora. You're made for sunlight, the fire of your spirit matching the heat of your body.

I tongue the tattoo on your hip, my symbol, my mark, mine. You're mine. I'll never let you go.

I put my nose in the crease of your thigh, inhaling the musky odor of your secret place there. I suck one ball at a time into my mouth, rolling them on my tongue like a rare delicacy. Your hips twist, bucking and the your voice is husky as you plead with me, and I finally give in to you and swirl my tongue around the leaking head of you cock.

Sean: Your fingers about my wrists, pinning me down, slams a new wave of heat though me, and my entire body reacts with the pleasure as desire knifes through me. Your sweet, wicked mouth is everywhere, pulling moans from me, and I’m panting, pleading with you. You’ve stripped me bare, bare of your shorts and my inhibitions. Anyone could come along and see us, see you doing this to me, and fuck, but I go wild under your touch, lifting my hips to your mouth, twisting in your hands.

I can’t hold back, not my pleas, curses or cries, and it’s hardly registering with me that I’m babbling, telling you in broken English how fucking good you feel, promising that I’ll always be yours, begging you to let me come. You keep me perfectly balanced on pleasure’s razor edge, not giving me a chance to catch my breath proper, nor are you pushing me over the edge, instead I exist in a swell of bliss as your tongue teases my aching cock, as I’m given the searing heat of your mouth, only to have to you draw back when I begin to lose it.

I’m left naked to the bone before you, all my need on display, but I’m safe in your hands that hold me so tightly, and my words finally disintegrate, leaving only your name, Karl, mura, please, love.

Something in me moves you to set me free, and you sink down on my straining cock. Watching you, feeling you, the sensation of you taking me inside is nearly enough, and I go wild, lifting my hips, offering, needing, demanding as I thrust inside you as hard as I can manage with the way you’re holding me. Orgasm grips me, bows me off the towel, and sheathed in your heat it takes me. Shooting down your throat, my cries ragged with the pure pleasure you’re giving me, shocking in it’s intensity, but though it all is the steady constant of you, of your hands, holding me tight, and even as I must close my eyes against the almost aching pleasure, I know I’m held safe.

Karl: Fuck, you give yourself up to me so perfectly, so unhesitatingly. I suckle your come down greedily, the taste of you feeling like home to me. I never get enough of this. You soften slowly and I mouth you gently, not wanting to hurt you if you're too sensitive, but I like the feel of your dick in my mouth, the flavor of your down here. Your hands move after a bit, sorting through my hair and I sigh happily against your thigh.

"Don't feel like moving, tahu."

I feel lazy in the sun, warm and safe, like the whole world has gone away and left us here. That'd be okay, cause I've got all I'm ever gonna need underneath me. I rest my lips on your thigh, another favorite place, different flavor and I sample you, tongue taking small laps.

But the heat on my bum reminds me that we're lying here naked on a public beach, and while I don't much care who sees us, I'd rather not have any paparazzi photos of this moment show up. Besides, if I sunburn my ass, you can't have it later.

I shake off my lethargy and move to get up, but your fingers tighten in my hair, pulling me towards you, and I sprawl over you, while you kiss me thoroughly.

Sean: There’s no getting enough of you, holding you tightly against me, having your mouth, you taste as sweet as you are wicked. My hands smooth down your back, mapping the curve of your spine and back muscles, and I’m thinking of how you feel there when you’re working your body hard, fucking me, the smooth and powerful play of muscle under heated skin.

My hands curl over your arse, kneading you gently, aware that your skin is in danger of becoming burned by the bright sun. Rolling us, but keeping you snug against me, I tangle my legs with yours, my hand coming to rest on your hip, gripping lightly, drawing slow circles over the jut of your hipbone with my thumb. Another few deep strokes into you, I withdraw from the kiss reluctantly, not entirely willing to let you go completely, but taking gentle nips and licks along your full bottom lip.

Even now, body sated and heavy with relaxation, I want to love you, taste you, please you. Reaching up, I card fingers through your hair, watching as you tilt your head back into my touch. Mouthing kisses along your exposed throat, I nuzzle your jaw, bury my face against your neck and breath in your scent, recognizable and wanted under the sea-salt scent of the sea.

“Love you,” I whisper, feeling so full and warm and content in this moment. Your hand glides over me, cups me arse, and I sigh against your skin as you mirror my touch on you of a moment ago. The slow, gentle knead has me raising my eyes to yours, and you’re watching me, darkened hazel eyes fixed on mine, and I it stuns me every time I come to it, that you take so much pleasure in giving me pleasure, in watching me receive your pleasure.

“Love you,” I say again, not entirely certain you caught it before. I move against your hand slowly, unable to be still, breathing deeply, gazing into you as my own hands caress you lovingly, over your neck and shoulder, down your arm and side.

“So fucking proud to be yours,” I say, and grinning suddenly I grab your arse. You’re hot to the touch, and from more than just our loving. “Always did think you had a hot arse, love.”

Karl: "My arse is hot for you," I smirk. Fuck, I feel so content, like we could stay on this beach, lazing around, forever. I sit up, pulling you with me. "Lets cool my ass off. Come on, come swimming with me."

You reach for the shorts and I tug on you, grinning. "Nobody else here." And if there was, they probably wouldn't care much. I pull you to me, taking your mouth again, and fuck, you open for me so willingly. I back you towards the water, our legs moving together, almost dancing as we kiss. "Love you, too," I mumble against your mouth as we move.

The water is cold on our heated bodies when we get there, and we shriek, splashing each other like children. I chase you through the shallows, panting as I catch you and we fall together into the salt water. We roll together, letting the waves lift us.

It's so damn good to be here like this, without cares, just us being together.

Sean: The water’s cold but you’re warm, hot, and being held snug in your arms is a fine deterrent against the cool wash of the waves as they break about us. I’m getting acclimated to the water, and it’s easy to dismiss when you’re kissing me, tongue stroking inside, going deep, as if you’re trying to touch the bottom of my soul. I drift with you, making myself as open as I can, drawing you inside me, kissing you back, making small noises of pleasure as your arms cinch tighter about me.

My hands glide down your back, mapping the curve of muscle down to the sweet swell of your arse and then back up again, as at last, we have to ease back from one another to take a breath. You’re grinning, and you must know the power you have over me. Brushing my lips over yours, gently, teasingly, I’m smiling.

“Reminded of Bora Bora, I am,” I say, flooded with memories of our trip, your dark eyes reflecting candlelight, the ocean wild against the shore as we made love in our pavilion.

“Remember the pavilion?” I know you do, naturally, and my chest tightens and warmth pools in my belly as you look at me, eyes dark with memory. “Will never forget that night,” I say, ghosting a kiss against your lips, “making love, having you inside me, wearing the necklace I gave you.”

You’re not wearing it today, not wanting to take the chance of losing it to the sea, but I trace the place were it would lie, trailing my fingers along your throat, pressing a kiss to the hollow there.

“We’ll have to plan another trip, yeah? Love traveling with you, seeing what the world has to offer, sharing my life that way with you, mura.”

Nuzzling your jaw, more kisses are pressed to the sweet spot just below your ear, and suddenly I want to make plans, and it’s a deliberate thing, something I want not just because I want to do it with you, but because I want you to know we’re all going to get past this Ringwraith mess, and we’ll go on with our lives, together. My hands glide up your back, pressing against your shoulder blades, wanting you closer, just wanting you, so much.

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