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I've got to find our bogus stuntman and make sure he knows what to do if we are called into court.

I can't place your accent . . . where are you from?
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I wake up screaming, sweaty, tangled up in the sheets. Fuck. I thought they were done . . . despite my warning to Sean, I hadn't had any the entire time we were together for Christmas. But this one was different, and I curse the utter predictability of my psyche. This time when that fanboy lifted the iron bar up to bash my head in, he changed into Dylan just when my sword connected with his throat.

Don't know what the fuck to do. Someone pounds on my door, asking if I'm all right. "Nightmare!" I yell and they go away, cause I'm bloody sure that just about everybody's sleeping poorly tonight. No one here I can talk to about it, no one I can tell that seeing Dylan like that brought back my most horrific memories.

Shaking and sweating, I get a glass of water from the bathroom, trying to calm down, but knowing I'll never get back to sleep tonight, knowing that every time I close my eyes, I'll see nothing but visions of gruesome death. Fuck, I can't go back into that hole again. Can't.

The clock says that it's just a little after midnight. Feels a hell of a lot later. I sit on the bed, drawing my knees up and staring at my cell phone on top of the telly.

my door's always open, all right?

I need you. )
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I get back to the hotel, having passed on the beer drinking for tonight, I need some sleep. I flip my laptop open and check my mail, wondering why Sean and I didn’t arrange to do some chats. Then I snort. Right. Probably fry everything from here to Wellie. Surprised we didn’t short out the cell towers as it is.

An e-card? I click the link and . . . it’s pink. I laugh out loud.

And Viggo conveniently left his email addy. I think for minute, and then type:

“You’re making me pie? Does that mean you’re the wife? Mmm, I love pie.

I saw the poem on the card I sent and assumed it was one of yours. Don’t know why you’re carrying on. LOL.

If you think you can take me you want to get together when you get back bring it on give me a ring.

Kisses from the Kiwi sweetie.”

I click “send” and I’m still chuckling as I get in bed.
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I've left Wellington again and I'm down in the South Island and it seems like filming will never end. For the first time in a long while, I'm aching to get home, aching for him . . .



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