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Karl: I finally get a chance to go by the bookstore; it is cleaned up at last, but Eric is still dealing with the insurance company and it won't be open for another few weeks. And I realize that I haven't fixed the whole problem yet. The fanboys haven't been around in the last few days, but there's still the matter of payback. I'm tired of them fucking with people I care about.

So I decide to take a trip to the Firkin. Maybe Gareth would be willing to help me with this job. And I feel like I owe him an apology. He can't be happy about having his shift back.

I ride over there about dinner time and I smile listening to his patter with another customer.

Hey barkeep! I'm hungry, what's good? )
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I head back to Wellie, my days with Aunt June having worked their usual magic on my psyche. I know I still have to deal with Éomer, but there’s no hurry with that, now that I’ve pulled myself free of Théodred’s influence. The idea of a winery is intriguing, something I never thought of, but it might be fun. I’m grinning as I ride and I’m in too good a mood to go straight home, I feel like howling at the moon . . . or something. )
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I don't want to answer the door, I'm filthy and sinking into my own misery, but
Bernard doesn't give me any choice.


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