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Karl: I finally get a chance to go by the bookstore; it is cleaned up at last, but Eric is still dealing with the insurance company and it won't be open for another few weeks. And I realize that I haven't fixed the whole problem yet. The fanboys haven't been around in the last few days, but there's still the matter of payback. I'm tired of them fucking with people I care about.

So I decide to take a trip to the Firkin. Maybe Gareth would be willing to help me with this job. And I feel like I owe him an apology. He can't be happy about having his shift back.

I ride over there about dinner time and I smile listening to his patter with another customer.

Hey barkeep! I'm hungry, what's good? )

A Truce

Feb. 28th, 2005 07:51 pm
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Éomer: We go back to the elf man’s house, Hugo, and he calls a friend of his, a discreet doctor, I am told. After a time, a woman shows up and inspects our wounds. She places a poultice on my arm and tells me it is second degree, but not deep, as she bandages it. I just nod even though I do not know what she means, but I do not know if she knows who I truly am.

She wants to give me some medicine, but I refuse until my uncle uses his authority as King and First Marshal and orders me to do it. I am not a child to be dosed when the pain is acute, but I do as he asks and swallow the tablets. A strange lethargy wells over me and before I realize what is happening, I have fallen asleep on Hugo’s couch.

Later I seem to wake up, but Karl is there and I know I must be dreaming. He is stroking the hair out of my face.

“The evil is defeated.” )
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All hell and then some breaks loose. Éomer! I need you! Now!
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The sun rises on another hazy day, the sky darker than before. I slide out of bed before Eric wakes up and call Hugo, to make sure he’s around. I tell him I found something interesting that I want to show him. I figure that orc blade ought to get his attention, and hopefully he’ll spill without me having to put on a temper tantrum. I shrug. Either way works for me, I’m in the mood for a fight after yesterday. I find an empty feed bag and wrap the blade in that on top of the plastic. I don’t understand why the thing offends me so much, but it seriously creeps me out.

Eric has to meet the insurance adjuster at noon, so we head back into town about ten thirty. I drop him at the bookstore and he kisses me. He stares at me for a minute. “You’re angry.”

“Damn right, I’m angry!” I gesture at his store. “The people who did that? They’ll pay and I’m gonna make sure of it.”

“Karl . . . be careful.”

“Don’t worry, answers first, then payback.” I wink at him and hug him tightly. “Everything’s going to be alright.”

He lets me go and I turn the truck around, heading for Hugo’s. I park the truck and I’m yelling for him almost as soon as my feet hit the ground. I pick the orc blade up out of the truck bed and make straight for the door.

“Hugo! Open up, mate!” )
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I laze around in bed like a contented cat, watching the morning sunlight play over the floor, feeling absurdly pleased with myself. Eric is coming over later and we have the whole day to play. Maybe we’ll hit the beach and then he’ll come back here for dinner and maybe . . . Well, I don’t know, but after I shower, I make sure there are fresh sheets on the bed. I poke through the refrigerator and I realize I need to pick up a few things before he gets here, besides, shopping will be a good distraction until he arrives.

I’m getting into the truck when my cell phone goes off. Eric. I flip it open, “Hey you!”

But his voice stops me cold. “I’m sorry Karl, there’s been a break in at the store, they trashed it. I can’t make it over there today.”

“What? What happened?” )
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It has been over two weeks and there has been no contact from him. I haven’t tried to call him other than that first day after I ran into Gareth. I’ve come to accept that my long nightmare is over finally, that the shifts are gone.

My sleep is peaceful, the windows open, letting in the soft night air. Until I begin to dream . . .

He is in chains again. But this time he is not in my room, he is a small dark rock-cut cave, his chains bolted to the wall and shackles around his wrists and ankles. He is not wearing his armor, he has on breeches and a linen shirt. He is sitting on the floor, his knees bent, his arms crossed over them and his head bowed, his hair a tangle covering his face. A barred gate covers the entrance to his cell.

Did I do this to him? )
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I head back to Wellie, my days with Aunt June having worked their usual magic on my psyche. I know I still have to deal with Éomer, but there’s no hurry with that, now that I’ve pulled myself free of Théodred’s influence. The idea of a winery is intriguing, something I never thought of, but it might be fun. I’m grinning as I ride and I’m in too good a mood to go straight home, I feel like howling at the moon . . . or something. )


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