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It’s been two days since I talked to Gareth and when I get out of bed, I decide to do something about a “possibility.” The first thing I did when I woke up yesterday afternoon was to send out a tentative call to horseboy, not really trying very hard, so I wasn’t surprised when nothing happened. I’ve never tried to call him when someone wasn’t holding something over me. But . . . it looks like things are clear and maybe I can have my life back. So I went to Pete’s and reclaimed Éomer’s sword and his helm, Pete doesn’t ask and I can’t tell him that my former craziness has disappeared for some reason.

I go for a run with Smokey Joe and Ire, uncomfortably aware that I’m stalling. Finally I shower and head for Cuba Street. I park the bike and walk to the bookstore, Moby Dickens. I pause by the display window . . . it’s changed. The kids aren’t lying on the floor, they’re sitting with the grandfather and he’s reading to them on the couch. There’s another couch with a young couple tangled up, the girl reading to the boy. Whoever does these is bloody creative.

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After Bernard finally knocked some sense into me, I looked around at my life and was disgusted. The house is beyond messy and I think I should just get a shovel to clear it out. I start with the kitchen and by the time I have it set to rights, I can't deal with any more housework.

Remembering some of the other things Bernard said, I decide to do some research. I have been thinking I've gone crazy, but what if I haven't? I'm not sure if that would be a relief or not, would mean that the world at large is crazy and I'd almost rather it was just me.

I'll trot into Wellie and visit one of the bookshops over on Cuba street. They get a lot of traffic from the university, so one of them will certainly have what I need. I get the bike, thinking that it's time I started enjoying life's simple pleasures again.

I park the bike and stroll down the street, peering at the windows. Finally, I come to one, Moby Dickens, cute name, but the display catches my eye. It's a series of manikins, lying about on the floor and on a couch, holding books, all reading. Cozy. All right, you hooked me. )


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