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Starts right after Karl and Eric break up

Ire is glad to see me when I come home. Poor fellow, I’ve abandoned him, just coming around long enough to feed him and change clothes for the last two weeks. I pet him absently and then look around, not seeing, not thinking, afraid of what scene will unreel behind my eyelids.

I don’t want to be inside for some reason, so I build a campfire down by the pond, as the evening sun disappears. Ire flops beside me as I stare into the flames, tracing and retracing the tangled path of alternatives that led me here. When did I have a choice where I could have turned aside? . . .

I wrench my mind away from the ‘what if’s’ before they drive me crazy. )
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Things are starting to get lighter, but the sun hasn’t come up yet when I park the truck in front of Eric’s house. I’m so fucking knackered I can hardly see straight and all I want to do is crawl into bed with him and let his gentle warmth soothe me. The night was long, and frightening, and showed me things about myself that I hadn’t really wanted to know. Gúthwinë is well hidden behind the backseat and Dr. Fisher cleaned up my cuts so I don’t look like a bloody mess anymore. He’s gonna go spare when he sees the cast on my arm, but once he hears the news I’m about to give him I hope it will make it all worth it. Those fuckers will never bother him again.

I walk around to the back where there’s a light in the kitchen and I realise Drew must be up already. I knock softly on the door and then step back so he can see me. He lets me in, his eyes wide at the sight of my injuries.

“It’s a long story.” I try to smile, but I’m afraid my face isn’t working quite right. “I just need some sleep first.”

“He’s still in bed.” He glowers at me. “He spent most of the night worrying about you.”

“I know,” I sigh, while edging toward the stairs. “I’ll tell him everything later.”

Drew lets me go without any more argument and I creep into Eric’s room, shedding my kit quickly and sliding under the covers. His bed isn’t as big as mine and I know I shouldn’t be here, but I desperately need to be near him now, to know that all the hell that went on last night was worth it.

Finding a comfortable position for my hand, I fall asleep quickly. )
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Éomer: As soon as Théo is on the bike and away, I call for Karl, worried now that it is time for him to come back. I hope that we did not cause difficulties for him. Karl

Karl: Éomer sounds more anxious than usual when he calls me to come back. Karl, Eric was here last night. He saw us. I freeze at that news, my heart hammering. "What happened?"

He was spying on us, and Théo captured him. I curse and he hastens to reassure me. We did not harm him, but I introduced myself to him. I thought it would be all right, knowing that your aunt knows who I am. His mental tone is miserable and I swallow the shout that is gathering in my throat. "Was it?"

I do not know if he believed us, but he was calmer when he left here. I sigh, raking a hand through my hair. This really isn't his fault, he couldn't have known that I still haven't told my lover the truth. Much as I want to blame him for it, I can't.

He eases away and I grab my helmet and keys, running back to get my cell phone. I try to reach him, but he's not picking up. He's probably still at the store at this hour, knowing I wasn't supposed to get back until later. As I lean my bike into the curves, I try to think of a way to explain why I've been lying and to explain what the truth actually is, when I don't understand it half the time. Shit, he's had a whole day to think about it, to get madder at me.

I wish Éomer would have called me last night . . . )
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I laze around in bed like a contented cat, watching the morning sunlight play over the floor, feeling absurdly pleased with myself. Eric is coming over later and we have the whole day to play. Maybe we’ll hit the beach and then he’ll come back here for dinner and maybe . . . Well, I don’t know, but after I shower, I make sure there are fresh sheets on the bed. I poke through the refrigerator and I realize I need to pick up a few things before he gets here, besides, shopping will be a good distraction until he arrives.

I’m getting into the truck when my cell phone goes off. Eric. I flip it open, “Hey you!”

But his voice stops me cold. “I’m sorry Karl, there’s been a break in at the store, they trashed it. I can’t make it over there today.”

“What? What happened?” )
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I woke up the next morning far more hurt than I had realized I was when I left the bar last night. Only one thing to do . . . call Dave.
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Karl: I've spent the last few days in an endless round of chores and repairs, trying to get my house back in order. I found a place where the fence was down, too, and had to fix that before I got Smokey Joe back.

The barn was clean finally, and fresh straw down, and the feed bins full. I wheeled the trailer out, attached it to the truck and then Ire and I went over to Viggo's stable for my horse. We spent some time getting reacquainted and then the three of us went for a trail ride.

It was dusk when we returned so I brushed down Smokey, fed him and then Ire and I went into the house for dinner. I was tired of my own company, so I took a shower and headed out on the bike for the bar where I had run into Dave. )


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