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Karl has let me shift in several hours before I am to meet Théo. I have many things on my mind and he was gracious enough to allow me this time, undisturbed by the distractions of my responsibilities at Aldburg. Sean has left already and I take Karl's bike out. The roads around his house twist and wind, requiring concentration. The wind in my face as I ride is not unlike the feeling I have in my homeland when Firefoot is under me and we race over the plains of the East March. I need this. My worries about my cousin and his health drift away, knowing that I will see him soon, that we will spend the coming night in each other's arms.

There are things that cause me rejoicing, not the least is my lover's recovery. But the thing that has plagued me all the years I have been journeying to Karl's world has finally eased. In all the places that I have been while Karl traveled, I have always found others from my world, including my uncle. And knowing that his story was important enough to be part of the legend that they filmed that started this magic, I have always thought that I would find my sister. For she is ever closer to Théoden that either Théodred or I can be, with our duties that take us far from Meduseld. Therefore, if we were present, surely she must be also. But I had never found her in all of Karl's wanderings and a fear had taken root in my heart . . . that she was not in the story because hers was ended already.

But I have seen the woman who wears my sister's face, and the elation I feel, knowing that I have found her at last, swells my heart. My life is complete . . . I have the love of the one man of whom I have dreamed all my life, and my family is safe around me. I will beg Karl for time with her, for surely he knows her. Tonight, however, my sole focus is my lover.

I come back to Karl's house and take the helmet off, shaking my hair out and I step towards his house. It is nearly time for Théo to arrive and my body tightens in anticipation of pleasure.

Théo: I ride Leelu along roads and lanes as Paris guides me to my destination. Karl’s new home, a place I have explored before, but never driven to. My need to see Éomer was great and one that Paris understood after recent events. He fades as we arrive and I park up outside the house, my breath hitching as I see you approach. My helmet is discarded in the time it takes you to reach me, forgotten on the seat of the bike.

Your arms wrap round me and your mouth descends on mine and I shiver as I melt into your warm embrace, your familiar and much needed taste driving me on to deepen the kiss. My hands lose themselves in the golden mane of your hair I cannot help but press my body closer to yours, if that were possible. We finally break apart to breathe and I pull back just enough to let you see the achingly raw need in my eyes. After all that has happened only here, now, with you, can I bare my soul and know I will be safe. “Need you, your hands on my body, your scent on my skin … please, Mer.” My plea is whispered over your full lips before I graze them lightly with my own.

Éomer: Your request is an easy enough plea to fill, but I pause, looking into your eyes. They are still shadowed and I want to wrap you in my warmth. I do not know what was done to you by the foul beast, but I will surround you with my love so that you never doubt yourself. You will tell me the full tale when you are ready. I clasp your hand and lead you inside the house, to the bedroom. There will be time for other things later, but now there is only room for skin on skin.

I stop and turn your around, working the fastenings of your clothes, pushing your hands away when you try to help me.

"Let me serve you, my prince."

My fingers never leave you as I slowly remove your clothes. When you are naked, I urge you to the bed, getting you comfortably settled. I stand back and remove my clothes, not hurried, but not a slow tease either. This is not the time for such. When I am bare, I come to you, settling myself over you, letting my weight push you into the softness of the sheets.

Théo: “Gladly.” Your use of my formal title sends a shiver down my spine and I give myself up into your care. You seem to know what I need better than I do myself and I watch your every movement without another word as you take off my clothes and tend to me. The bed linen is cool beneath me, a contrast to the heat of your body as you come to me and I let out a long sigh at the delicious and long awaited feel of your naked skin against mine.

I am in your hands now, as I wanted to be the day I returned, surrounded by love, the scent of you filling me. Strong and vibrant, I can feel the pulse of your body against mine, feel your breath on my skin, see the look of desire and love in your eyes, and they help to banish the images the wraith left behind. You are alive, hale and healthy in my arms and I need whatever you wish to give me.

“Yours.” I groan as you further press me to the bed and I run my fingers lightly up your arms and gaze at you, quivering in anticipation.

Éomer: I move your arms out from your sides and nudge your legs apart, leaving you splayed open for me, waiting for my touch. I sit back on my heels, running careful fingers over your skin, acknowledging to myself that I am inspecting you to reassure myself that you have taken no harm from your encounter with the Wraith. No physical harm, for I see the shadows in your eyes yet, fear for me and what else I do not know. We have not been able to talk, you and I, about what happened, but Karl and Paris have granted us these days together and I am resolved that any darkness shall leave you before I am finished.

"So beautiful, my lord. Prince Théodred." My eyes are full of my love and admiration for you.

The purpose of my hands changes, no longer light, but now touching you in places that I know will cause a reaction in you. I pull your knee up, my lips finding the knob of bone, caressing you.

Théo: My body shudders as you arrange me, nipples tightening as you run questing fingers across my skin and my erection aches for your touch. Again you call me prince and I wonder if you know what you do to me when you address me so? The wraith made me doubt so many things, not least of them my own strength and my ability to keep my family safe, but the look in your eyes as you speak shows me that you do not doubt me. You, who know me best of all, and that aids me in pushing back the self doubt the dark beast planted in my heart.

I am pliant in your strong and sure hands, moaning as the pressure of your fingers increases and the first soft press of your lips ignites a fire in my flesh. As your mouth moves on me, your hair falls forward, brushing my skin and adding to the sensations that are filling my senses, pulling a whimper from me. I cannot help tilting my hips up and squirming a little to widen my legs even as you lavish attention on me, warming my heart and soul as only you are able to do.

Éomer: Your body eases, muscles losing a tension that had been present, now replaced with another sort of tension, tightening of tendons and subtle increase in breathing. All signs that tell me that my treatment is having the effect that I wished. I trace my tongue along the sinew that lead from your knee to your groin. I pause to inhale your musk but I pull my mouth away before I reach your hard shaft, smiling to myself at your moan of frustration. I will you see you entirely lost to the feelings between us with no room for sorrow, before I grant your desires.

Your other leg receives the same treatment and you are unable to remain still, squirming under me, small noises coming from your mouth. I urge you to roll over, spreading you out again, your body mine to explore. I nibble on the back of your arm while my fingers trace the hard knobs of your spine. Soon my tongue follows as I work my way lower. Your hips undulate, trying for purchase, friction for your cock, but I place a hand at the small of your back, pressing you down.

"Do not move, my prince."

My tone is firm, yet respectful. I nip at the sweat that is bursting from the skin of your lower back, my tongue absorbing the salt flavor mixed with the unique taste of you. I finish that spot and move lower, my nose thrusting between your cheeks, smelling this most intimate place on your body, determined to ravish your tight bud until you beg for mercy. Or for my cock.

Théo: With a groan of frustration I comply with your gentle command and still my hips, panting as your mouth lingers at the base of my spine. Then your face is between my cheeks and staying anywhere near still becomes almost impossible. The first touch of your tongue sends shockwaves of pleasure shooting up my back and down my legs, goose bumps forming as the first gentle licks slowly become firmer, more insistent. The muscle quivers with each touch and you pull my buttocks further apart before your tongue finally breaches me.

“Ah, Mer …” Your name is little more than a sigh over my lips as I melt into the bed below me. Warm and wet, the invasion is a welcome one and I give in to the shudders that course through me, resisting the urge to squirm. Your tongue delves further, circling inside me, prodding deeper, opening me up and driving me to the edge of sanity with each thrust. My fingers claw at the sheets and the fabric bunches, giving me something to grasp and pull at as you work. Then you pull out, laving the now over sensitive skin behind my balls and this time when you plunge back in, I cannot help but move, head snapping back as my back arches at the onslaught and I plead unashamedly for more. “Mer please, need you. Want … take me, make me come … please …”

Éomer: The muscle under my tongue is relaxing, giving way in a beautiful surrender. I will erase any taint of evil from you with my body and my loving. Your squirming and pleading is driving my own desires past the point of bearing, but I hold myself in check, for this encounter is for you. I groan at the taste of you, humming again your delicate folds. You are slick with my saliva, trembling at my touch and I can wait no longer to sheath myself inside your heat.

"Shh, Théo. I will give you what you need."

I soothe you as I would an unruly horse, hands gentling you until you are still. You are wet and relaxed, but I will cause you no pain, so I take care to smooth the slick potion over myself. Your breath is ragged and your eyes are dazed as your hands clasp the linens below you. I part your cheeks again and slide inside you until my balls rest against the swell of your buttocks.

Théo: You calm me, easing me back from the raw edge of desire with every soothing touch of your sword callused hands. Then you are in me. With one fluid stroke you fill me and my spine dissolves with the pleasure flooding my mind and body. All I know is you as you claim me back from the dark thing that tainted my soul. Your love and the way you cherish me as you take me reaffirms the bond between us, healing me.

“My stallion … “ I gasp out as I straighten my arms, pushing back against you as you cover me, and the feel of the soft hair on your chest against my back makes me whimper. My body quivers around your hard length, buried so deep I can feel the throb of it and I tilt my hips, groaning at the stretch and pressure inside me. “My love …”

Éomer: Widening my knees, I force your legs further apart, wanting you to feel my possession of you in every way possible. For you to know that you are mine alone when we are here in this world and I will tolerate no other. My love is more powerful than the deceits of the enemy, and I will take back what is mine. My hands grip your hips, adjusting you to the angle that I want and my cock plows into you, a long slow stroke in and out that leaves me seated to the utmost limit of your depths. You cry out and my hands hold you in place as I ram you again. I have no will to be gentle with you, and I do not think that you wish for it either. You will feel me inside you and know that you are mine, that I will never fail you.

You take what I give you, crying and writhing around my cock. I batter you, but eventually I relax my hold on you, allowing you to move. You rise up to meet my thrusts, your body welcoming me. I feel close to my crisis but I will not allow myself any release until you have found yours, and I pull you to your knees, freeing your beautiful cock for my hands.

Théo: Like the stallion I name you for, you ride me hard, fast, taking me without mercy, plunging deeper with every thrust and with every thrust you brand me with your ownership, something I have yearned for since the wraith touched me. To give myself up to you and in doing so, know that you would give me what I so badly needed.

As your fingers close around my weeping cock, I still for a moment, drawing in a sharp breath. With the first stroke of your hand my body begins to tremble anew and as the tremors increase, I reach back, my hand grasping onto your sweat damp neck. You match your almost brutal thrusts with the pace of your hand on my cock once, twice, three times more. A raw moan tears it’s way from my throat and lengthens into a wail and my body convulses in your grasp as my release hits me hard and fast erasing everything from my mind but you and what you do to me. My seed splatters over the bed below us and runs down between your fingers where they still pump my cock, drawing out every last drop as the muscles that grip your length clench hard and quiver around it and more waves of pleasure ripple through me.

Éomer: Your passage contracts around me, warm velvet clamping around my cock so tightly that my control nearly deserts me as your essence spurts over my fingers. But I hold you through your storm, your body quivering and shaking under me while I delight in your uninhibited response to my rooting inside you. But then I can hold back now longer and I cry out your name as I thrust into you deeply, spilling my seed in your depths while my own storm rides me. Your body welcomes me, open for me as I shudder and buck.

When it is over, I rest my forehead between your shoulder blades, my mouth absently licking the sweat that is pooled on you, salt flavor and your taste. My shaft shrinks and I pull out with a regretful sigh. I ease off you, lying beside you, my fingers still searching for any tension in your body, but you seem relaxed in pleasure. I card through your hair, too short, but I watch the golden strands tangle around my fingers.

"I love you, Théo."

Théo: Lying here, I can still feel where you stretched me open, still feel the warmth you flooded me with and the pleasant ache of muscles taxed as you took me. The sense of belonging completely to you returned as you cast out the taint left on my soul by the touch of the wraith’s breath. My sigh at your touch is long and low, a sigh of contentment as I relax, happy beyond measure to be resting by your side once more with your fingers gently playing through my hair.

“That love brought me back.” I reach up and touch your lips with my fingertips, tracing their contours as your hand lingers in my hair. Now that we lie peacefully together it is easier to think on what happened and not feel despair touch my heart. Not only did you bring me back, but with your all encompassing love you have restored me, healed a part of the hurt that ran deep and I do not think I could ever fully put into words what that means to me.

“You brought me back. When I was lost, when I thought that death had taken me and I would ever feel your touch again, you found me and led me home.” My hand slips onto your neck and my eyes blaze as I look at you. “I love you, Mer. You are my life.”

Éomer: "As you are mine." I take your lips, a leisurely kiss, my mouth open on yours as we breathe each other's air. The fire in your eyes is reassuring, your spirit revived and I feel as though the world has righted itself. My powerful cousin, seeing you so uncertain and afraid had made little sense to me, for you have always been the rock against which my sister and I have braced ourselves against the chances of the world.

"I feared for you. For all of us."

For if you fall to darkness, my golden prince, there are none among us who will not falter. I do not know how to tell you such things, for the Théodred of my time is weighted by the cares of a war we seem to be losing and a country that is slipping out of our grasp. I will not burden you with sorrows that you will face in a future time. This place is for our love, not our grief, and I will guard your peace here.

Théo: My heart tightens in my chest and my lips meet yours in a firmer kiss that seeks to banish fear from your heart. You gave me strength when I needed it the most, a strength that I can now, in turn, give back to you.

“Fear is the weapon of the wraith. It used my own fears against me, turned them to despair so deep that I felt my hold on life slip away as this body began to fail. But Paris forced me to grasp onto the last of my strength, held me there in limbo until you came for me.”

I rest my forehead against yours and close my eyes as I speak. The dark dreams no longer hold power over me, not now that you have driven the last slivers of doubt from my heart and they must be spoken of.

“I saw all my darkest fears come to pass, as clearly as if I lived them. Our people slaughtered, our land laid waste, those I love torn from me again and again and I was powerless to stop it. My father, Éowyn and you … I held your lifeless body in my arms …”

But now, instead of fear and despair, my heart is filled with a steely determination and I pull back to look at you, my grip firm on your shoulder.

“The wraith failed in its purpose. It sought to tempt me to serve its master with the promise of the safety of our lands and people and when it failed, it infected me with its foul breath. But it has only made my resolve stronger. The evil that threatens our home? The dark creatures that do its bidding? They are the ones that will know fear.”

Éomer: The fierce determination in your tone and your passionate threats to those who would menace us tell me that your spirit has revived and they will not find you so weak ever again. My heart fills with joy, for you are our bravest warrior and our greatest hope. I grin at you, my feelings clear on my face.

"Yes, you are right. We will banish them from the Mark and I will, as always, do your will in this. My Riders are yours to command, you know this." Indeed, I hope that you do know this, for I cannot remember now whether you know about the dangerous course that you plotted, the thin line that you walk to keep the shadows out of our land. If it has not yet happened for you, I hope that you will not forget my words on this day and know that I am with you. Perhaps this meeting is what will give you the courage to bring me with you in your attempt to wrest control of our land back from those who would do it ill.

"It gives me joy to see you so determined and your spirit unbroken. I am glad you are here with me." I bend for another kiss, unable to contain the love I feel for you.

Théo: "As I am glad to be with you." I murmur against your lips and shift in your arms, pushing you back to the bed and looking down at you as my hands move slowly over your form. I run my fingers down your thigh, easing it open until you lie splayed before me and graze my teeth over your kiss swollen lips. It has been a while since we met in this world and I intend to take my time now, savouring you after the first achingly intense need has been sated leaving behind a longing to spend every possible moment touching and tasting you.

My hands continue to map your skin as yours move on mine while we share more kisses, softer than before, the urgency of earlier replaced with a languid intimacy. My eyes never leave yours and the effect of each touch is reflected in them as my body rouses and I groan against your mouth.

Éomer: Happiness fills my being, and relief. My cousin, my lover, my prince . . . you have been returned to me, whole and well. As my body rises to meet yours, I have no questions that we will defeat the darkness and we will prevail against the creeping evil. For how can we not, if we are united?


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