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After being gone so long, and deciding that I’m going to move somewhere with Sean, I look around my house and see that it need a lot of work. So when I get a free day, I start to work, Sean leaving to get things done at his own house.

Once I get some basic repairs done, there's lots of work in my garden. Things are ready to be picked so I spend some time on that and clearing out the weeds. I stand back, looking at what I've accomplished today and feel a quiver of nerves. About the decision we made, maybe. I call Sean, but he's not answering his phone, so I saddle Smokey and ride along my borders.

The air is nippy compared to the warm breezes of our tropical paradise, and I feel cold, wanting Sean with me, to share his heat.

I leave him a voice mail, "Tahu, I've finished here, and I'm going to throw something on the grill. See you soon, I hope."

I'll get a shower and then fire the grill.

Sean: It’s not until I’m climbing out of the Rover that I realize I left my cell in the car all bloody afternoon. Fucking typical, and hell, have been in a foul mood all day. Returning home to find a leak under the kitchen sink that’d been going on for who knows how long, thoroughly took the shine off the morning. I’d hoped to get things sorted and get back to Karl’s long before now, but having a plumber come out to manage the problem, and then the clean up after, took at bloody day. ‘Course, then there were still the usual bits to take care of, sifting through the post, returning calls and the like. My agent is less than pleased with me these days, and that conversation didn’t involve much cheer, but I’ll get over it. Already have, in fact.

Walking across the lawn, I key on my mobile, checking for messages. Just one, and as Karl’s voice sounds in my ear, the aggravation loosens, starts easing back. Christ, but I’m used to having my lover within arm’s reach all day, and right now I’m craving him. Mounting the steps I pocket the phone and let myself inside, looking about when at finding the house still and quiet. But there’s the slight noise of the shower running, and I follow the sound like a beckon, shedding my watch and shirt as I go, stopping briefly to toe off my trainers.

Stepping inside the bathroom, breathing in the steam, I’m anxious just to get my eyes on Karl. To see him, touch him. My jeans are open, hanging loosely on me hips as I rustle the shower curtain, and my eyes move hungrily over slick, wet skin, then meet those brilliant hazel eyes. Christ, my beautiful Karl. “Mind a bit of company, love?”

Karl: I'm tired from the manual labor most of the day and heat from the shower gradually loosens my muscles. I'm standing under the stream, just letting it hit me when the shower curtain opens and you're there. I stare at you for moment, something out of my fantasies, but no . . . you're real and you're mine.

"Mind? Hell, no." I reach for you, chuckling as you hurriedly push your pants off. I pull you under the spray with me, my mouth finding yours, pushing you against the tiles. My hands know where to go, how to fit you against me, and nothing feels as right as you in my arms like this. I sigh into your mouth, every aggravation fading away at your taste, your warm tongue wrapped around mine.

Your arms go around me, clinging tight, fuck, you feel so good. My hands trace your back, sliding over your ass and back to your shoulders. We break the kiss and I lick water from your neck.

"Long day, tahu. I missed you." My nerves disappear then, though I know they'll probably come back at some point. But being with you, us coming together at the end of the day, back from wherever the world takes us, it makes a warmth in my belly, the idea of us having that. And I want that, more than anything.

Sean: Quite suddenly I’m wrapped up in your arms, and you know me now, exactly how to touch me to get me melting into you and I sink into the kiss, my back pressed against the tile as your hands rove. My arms slip around you, pulling you closer as your warm tongue slides inside my mouth. All my focus centers on you and I stroke your spine, the small of your back, your arse, as we kiss.

Pulling back, my eyes slide shut as you lick across my neck. “Missed you too, love.” I wrap a leg around you, pulling you in ever tighter, and it amazes me that I have this with you . . . that I can have this every day. I tilt my head back and you indulge me, licking down my windpipe and I let out a slow breath along with a low, almost-moan.

You pull back and I get my eyes open. “Sorry I didn’t ring you back,” I say slowly, laying my hand against your cheek and stroking your bottom lip with my thumb and just looking at you. “Left me mobile in the car . . .” My hand slips back to cradle the back of your head, my fingers curling into dripping wet hair, and pulling you to me. I press soft, teasing kisses to your mouth. “So fucking glad,” I kiss your lips, letting my tongue dart out briefly before continuing, “to come home to you.”

Karl: Your mouth is driving me wild and I respond, pressing you closer against me. Growling, "Tease," before I capture your mouth, my fingers threaded through your hair, keeping you exactly where I want you while my tongue plunges into your mouth, searching your heat. Your leg tightens about me and I groan against your tongue, hard and aching for you. Our wet bodies slide together, a lazy sort of rhythm the kiss goes on, not urgent or desperate, we've time, we're together.

I gasp as your hand wraps around me, and pant against your mouth. Fuck, you fill me with so much want, for so many things that I hadn't thought about before, and making a home with you is one of them.

"Yes, home. Glad you're here."

I get my hand between us, finding you, my soap-slick hands slipping over you as I try to hold you tightly. Your hand on me drives me closer, and I rest my head against your shoulder, my lips on you as I lean into your touch.

"Sean," I breathe, as my body tightens.

Sean: Your grip pulls a moan from me, and I rock against you, wanting you so badly. Your mouth is against mine, panting, and sharing your breath I tighten my fingers about you, pumping harder. You jerk in my arms and press me against the tiles, leaning into me hard, burying your face into my neck. My name falls from your lips, said with such a warm, rough quality, and that does almost as much for me as your touch.

My leg wrapped about you slips, and your free hand slides along my thigh, catching me behind my knee, pulling my leg back up even higher, bringing our bodies sliding together even tighter. Fingers tighten in your hair, holding your close and I turn my face into you, gasping with the pleasure flaring through me with every pump of your hand. I want your heat, your come dripping off me, to give you pleasure that’ll leave you shaking and breathless, like you’re giving me.

You nip my shoulder, earning a startled curse and I jerk in your arms, burning for you, lost in the endless rhythm of desire and love that belongs to us. “Come with me, love. Come for me now.” I pant the words, rocking against you, falling over the edge as you work me mercilessly. It’s too much, it’s too good and I surrender to the perfect heat pulsing through me, owning me, growling your name as I let go.

Karl: I'm already on that ragged edge, and your words push me over, my body answering you. I tighten my grip on your leg and your cock, holding you close while I spend over our hands, groaning against your neck, while you hold me just as tight.

We stay there for a minute, letting the water wash over us, until I realise that I'm leaning on you fairly heavily and the tiles can't be that comfortable. I pull back, sliding my hands up your arms to cup your face, kissing you more slowly this time.

With a grin, I get the soap and start sliding it over you. "Nice way to end the day, tahu. I was just going to grill something up for dinner. Hungry?"

We finish washing each other, with many delays and detours for caresses and kisses. The rest of the world melts away when I'm with you, and I'm smiling happily by the time we're both wrapped in towels.

Sean: You ask if I’m hungry, and I nod, smiling as your hands slide over me, as the relaxation sinks in. We spend a while after we’re clean just playing, all hands and mouths, and fuck, but it feels so good, just being here with you and I find myself pausing just to look at you. Eventually we leave the shower, taking turns drying one another. There are robes hanging on the hook behind the door, and shedding my towel I slip on one, not willing to get dressed again, just yet. I hand you the other, not sure if you want to pull on some clothes or not.

Your hair is dark, damp and slicked back from your face, and as you drop your towel I slide an arm about your waist, pulling you flush against me. I’ll never get enough of you, and that’s something I’ve come to accept. Smiling at that thought I take your mouth, tongue delving deep inside as you relax against me. You’re warm and solid in my arms, and I can’t tell you how much I want you, how much I love you. After a long, slow exploration of your mouth I pull away, licking your taste from my lips.

“Fucking perfect way to end the day, if you ask me, love. How about a division of labor? You see to the bits in the kitchen, I’ll get the grill started.” Pressing one last, hard kiss to your lips, I turn for the door, suppressing a laugh as my belly growls insistently.

Karl: I laugh at the sound from your belly, thinking that maybe that's one of the things I loved first about you. I take the robe, content to leave the clothes, preferably for the rest of the night. I stroke my foot along yours, grabbing your toes.

"Sounds bloody brilliant. Any requests?" I wrap an arm around your waist as we head for the kitchen. Fuck, it's hard to believe how much my life has changed since you brought yourself and your love into it. I wish I were good enough with words to find a way to tell you. I'm not though, so I'll do my best to show you every day.

I hand you the defrosted steaks and another kiss, my hand on the back of your neck as I pull you close. I let you go and tug gently on the tie to your robe, not enough to untie it, but enough to loosen it.

I leer at you. "Any place we find is going to have to be far from the neighbors. I like you wandering around half-dressed." I kiss you again, "Or preferably completely undressed."

Sean: You may very well be the only person that can make me shiver and laugh at the same time. I think it’s one of the things I love best about you, about us. Your hand on my neck brings the shiver, and feels like it belongs there, I want it there. Your mouth is just as wanted, and the heat and feel of you brings pleasure in me, heavy and warm.

We ease apart and you tug at my robe. I grin at your words, and fuck yeah, I can’t agree more, and christ, I like the idea of wandering about half dressed for you. “I like that, absolutely. Someplace nice and secluded.” I lean against the counter, watching you. “Someplace where you can lay hands on me and fuck me, anytime you want, where we can be as loud as we want.”

Pushing away from the counter, I step close, curling my fingers under your chin, brushing my thumb over your lips. “And I can do the same to you.” I lean in for a kiss, but half there my stomach howls again, and now I’m back to laughing.

“You better feed me, love, or else I won’t be responsible for me actions.” That said I still lean in and get my kiss, and drawing back, look into your eyes. “Love you.”

Karl: The idea of us fucking all over the house, howling our pleasure, sends of wave of heat through me, and if I hadn't just come, I'd be ready to go again. My mouth clings to yours, a small noise escaping me.

"Sean . . . fuck, I love you so much, you have no idea." I pull you closer, burying my face in your neck, just holding onto you, never wanting to let go. We stand like that for a time and then finally pull apart to stare at each other for a moment. What I see in your
eyes, makes me feel like I belong wherever you are.

Then we both turn away to our jobs. I get some red potatoes boiling and some salad while you go outside to tend the grill. I hope the autumn chill doesn't get you too cold. I open a pair of Mac's Blacks for us, smiling in remembrance of Boromir's complaints about our beer.

Working together, we soon have dinner ready and sit at the table. My thoughts turn to our proposed move, and I hope we can find something to suit both of us. With privacy enough for nakedness.

Sean: The food is good and the company is even better, and we tease one another throughout the meal, me making a show of licking the butter from the potatoes off my fork, you giving me those hot, smoldering looks. On the surface it’s all play, but it’s not really, because I want you so much, and not just in a physical way, and I think you know that. The knowing makes me feel even better, and there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you for, but right now I’m too full and there’s things to sort out.

Eventually we move to the couch, and I sprawl against you unapologetically, figuring you’re used to being my living, breathing personal pillow. It takes a few moments until we’re settled, your arm around me, my hand over yours, lacing our fingers loosely together, sometimes pulling back to stroke your skin.

“Mm, that was brilliant, thank you.” Tilting my head back I get a kiss before we ease apart again. “So, we agree we want the new place to be pretty private, I think.” I laugh lightly. “Is there anything else we should be looking for, specially, that you’d like?”

Karl: It feels so good to be all twisted up with you, our robes coming loose as we shift around till we're comfortable, skin to skin in places. I'm bloody content, full belly, my beautiful blonde in my arms. We exchange a few kisses while I consider your question.

"Need enough space for Smokey, that's certain. I don't want to board him, wouldn't ride him nearly so much, I think." You settle easily back against my shoulder and I run my nose through your sunny hair.

"And we both like to garden." I smile against your hair, remembering what brought us together. "So we need room for that." Although my gardening tends to run to food and yours to decorative, but both together add up to something very nice indeed.

"Other than that, I'm not too picky, I've lived in some bloody scrungy places before I bought this. What do you want in a house?"

Sean: I stroke your arm, considering. “Actually, I don’t think I’m very picky either, though there are a few things I’ve come to like having about, from living in the house I have now.”

You’re warm and solid against me, and I wonder how I’m supposed to think straight when your fingers card through my hair. Turning my face, I rub my cheek against your shoulder and settle into your touch. “Mmm, bloody nice, that.” You chuckle and when I’m quiet a bit too long, you give me a squeeze.

“Right. Let’s see, I like me fireplace, and open floor plans, I think. Something open with lots of light, but isn’t stark, you know. Nothing cold. Having a garden is important to me, and a nice kitchen.”

My hand glides along your thigh, fingers toying along the borders of warm skin and soft terrycloth. “Some land with lots of trees would be brilliant, enough to go out and laze under on hot days.” I have a sudden vision of us napping away warm summer days in the shade, and I smile to myself, because with you the idea isn’t just plausible, it’s likely.

Karl: I look around, seeing my house with more critical eyes than usual. It's suited me for so long that I hadn't considered its drawbacks. The kitchen is fairly small, maybe that's why I have such a tendency to grill things. I never missed having a fireplace, but now the idea of fucking you in front of one makes me twitch, my imagination working. I ease my legs open for your wandering fingers.

"Trees, definitely. That's what drew me to this place and I like living amongst the trees. And the other stuff is fine with me, if it'll make you happy." I press another kiss against your hair. I wonder how big a place you have in mind, cause I've never needed any more than what I've got.

One thing I'm a bit attached to, though, other than my animals. I guess I should tell you to see what you think about it. "I was wondering . . . er, my bed. Can we keep that, or do you want to get a new one? I don't really care about the rest of my furniture, but that was custom made for me. If you don't like it, we can get rid of it, I suppose . . . " I trail off, breaking off my babble, and tightening my arms around you.

Sean: I smile as your legs ease open and my wandering fingers slip along the inside of your thigh. Your words have me twisting to look up into your eyes. “Are you cracked?” Before you can say anything I move close, pressing a kiss to your mouth, lowing myself against you to nuzzle your neck, pressing another kiss there, too.

“Love your big bed.” My tongue darts out and I make small low sound as your arms wrap about me. Another kiss is pressed against warm, warm skin. “Love being in it, love fucking you in it.” Your arms go tight, pressing me close and I draw back, but only so far as to see your face, and my voice goes low and rough. “I love you taking me in it.”

Pushing your robe aside, I reveal your nipple with its silver ring, and moving down on you, close my mouth over it briefly, tonguing gently before pulling back to blow warmly over the slicked nub. Taking one last lap with my tongue, I look up at you with darkened eyes. “It’s something of yours, and when I’m in it, when you have me in it, I feel like I’m yours, too.”

Course, I feel like that everywhere else, too, but I think you already know that. I hope so, anyway. If you don’t, I’ll do everything in my power to make certain you do.

Karl: Your mouth on my nipple pulls a moan out of me, you're going to get me going again. You're so fucking talented with your lips and tongue, I love having you exploring me that way. I moan a little, pressing up against your hot mouth. Fuck, I like everything you do with your mouth, from teasing me with it, to just fucking talking about the things we do to each other.

"Yeah? You like it? Good to know." I feel an odd sense of relief, and also a feeling that we've crossed some sort of border. Maybe it's just symbolic, but we've just agreed which bed's gonna be ours. Suddenly, it doesn't matter what bed we have, but the thought's in my head that the bed will be some sort of foundation for our relationship, not just for sex, but where we'll be when we go to sleep for the night, and where we'll be when we wake up in the morning. So it feels important.

I draw you close for a kiss, putting what I feel for you into, how talking like this . . . about our future . . . our future together makes me feel. Your mouth opens for me, letting me in and I groan, loving as always how responsive you are to me.

Our robes are in disarray when we pull apart, warm skin meeting. I try to concentrate on what we were talking about. Uh, . . . "I'll need to get this place cleaned up a bit before I can show it for an auction, but I guess we should start looking around." I pause, sliding a hand up your arm to grip the lean strength of your shoulder. "I want this . . . want to move in with you."

Sean: Turning my face, I rub my cheek against your arm as you grip my shoulder, and I feel surrounded by your warmth, of your body and of your gaze. “I want it to, mura. Want it more than anything.”

I tug the robe off your shoulder, away from your chest, revealing your other nipple. Dipping my head, I paint the nub with my tongue until it’s standing firm and wet, and kissing your chest whisper against your skin, “Love your taste.” Kissing and licking my way up to your neck, “Love everything you give me, the way you make me feel, like I can give you everything . . . anything.”

Nuzzling your neck, I mouth kisses along your jaw, until I feel your fingers curl in my hair, pulling me up, bringing our lips together. Our tongues tangle and I sink against you, wanting to feel more of your skin against mine, wanting so much. By the time we come up for air, I’m breathing fast and you’ve shucked my robe halfway down my back. I press my hips down, letting you feel my desire for you.

I touch your cheek, look into your deep hazel eyes. “I want a life with you, I want you.” Long moments pass as we just move together, hands stroking, bodies rubbing, enjoying the building flame in each of us, until finally I manage, “Karl . . . there’s something I want . . . to ask for . . . ”

Karl: We move together, hands and mouths, your weight on me and my hands free to roam over your back. I push your robe away, revealing more skin, my breath quickening at the feel of you beneath my fingertips. When you grind against me, I open my legs, welcoming you with my body, letting our cocks clash and send sparks shooting through me.

"Want you too, tahu." I stare back at you, drowning in the clear green depths of your eyes and wanting to lose myself in you. I smile at you, my hand rubbing small circles on the back of your neck. "Anything, tahu, you can have anything I've got."

Those words aren't ones I've said to anyone else in my life, but you bring out the giving side of me that wasn't there before.

Sean: Your words are a gift, I hope I never fail to realize how precious and rare they are, because I know you mean them. I smile, looking at you with desire in my eyes, my body, and I rub myself languidly against you, losing myself to our heat. After a moment spent just staring at you, I manage, “Thank you, love.”

Your hands on me are soothing and awakening a deeper pleasure all at the same time, and slowly I move down your body, leaving a trail of kisses in my wake, steadily gazing up at you as I go. “Actually, I’ve been thinking about this, wanting this, since that night on the boat in Bora Bora.” I lay a gentle kiss against your nipple, and head lower. “You remember the one, the sunset?”

Your eyes tell me that yes, you remember. I move back between your legs, my hands trailing down the path I’ve traveled with my mouth. I lick my lips, and my face has gone a little warm and christ, I’m blushing, but it doesn’t matter. Everything’s safe with you.

“I want you to do that to me again . . . love me toes with your mouth,” My hands plane across your flat belly. “I want you to touch me like that, and I’m gonna keep me hands off meself.” You give me a look, and I can’t help but smile. “I want you to drive me mad with it, make me plead for it, if you want. When and how I come I leave up to you, but whenever you’re ready to get off, I want you to paint me with it.”

You’re just staring at me, and christ, I really do want this. “Want you come on me, mark me all over.”

Karl: Your hot mouth gets me squirming, both with your tongue and you talking about what you want from me. Hell, yeah, you know I'll give you anything you ask for and that is no hardship, not at all. Fuck, I'll mark you, I'll cover your entire body in my come. My grin is perhaps a bit smug when you finish, but I can't help the warmth flowing through me at the idea of something I did making you want me like that.

"Liked that, did you? Of course I will."

My hands reach for you, pulling you back up to lie on top of me, but I get rid of your robe in the process, pressing your slim naked body against mine. We kiss again, and then I sit up, pulling you up with me, my voice rough with want. "Bed."

Our hands are twined but somehow I shed my robe on the way. I guide you onto the bed, and I'm gonna have lots of room for it this time. I press you down with my weight, moaning as you squirm beneath me. Running my hands along your arms, I push them up so that your hands are over your head, and I trail kisses along the soft skin on the underside, breathing in the scent of you in the brush at your armpits.

I kneel between your legs, spreading them open to that every part of you is revealed to me.

"Beautiful," I murmur, my fingers light on your shin, until I pick your foot up and put it in my lap, rubbing the sensitive places. I watch your eyes as my fingers press firmly against your arch, watch your react to the touch. You look at me and I hold your eyes as I slowly bring your foot up and close my mouth around your big toe.

Sean: Christ, but I love your hot weight on me, rubbing myself against you earns me some low beautiful noises, and lost in your heat I smile. A shiver thrills down my spine as your gentle hands lift my arms over my head, my eyes sliding shut when you press warm kisses along my skin. Getting them open as you move down, my breath deepens as you open my body, spreading my legs the way you want them. I’m in your bed, about to be loved and fuck, there’s nothing I want more.

By the time you take my foot in hand, your fingers rubbing, soothing and warming me all at once, I’m sinking into the moment, totally yours, totally ready for you. I bow off the bed a bit, as your fingers rub harder, the pleasure winding through me, and that I know it’s only going to get better, more intense, makes me shiver with anticipation. Your eyes hold mine, and I’m stretched out before you, my eyes hiding nothing, wanting you to see exactly what you do to me.

Your hot mouth closes about my toe, your full lips sealed about me, my mouth falls open in a low moan, and my body rocks slightly. My other foot seated against your hot bare cock, clenches, rubs, and suddenly it’s fucking hard to keep my arms above my head. You suck on me, and I can’t break your gaze. You’re staring into me and I moan again as I feel your tongue, and I struggle with my hands to find some kind of purchase at the edge of the mattress as my body responds to you.

Karl: I work on your toe, pulling and sucking on it, twisting my tongue around, working my teeth on you, just a little, nipping. Your other foot is a warm weight on my cock, and I push against you with a moan, humming around the digit in my mouth.

You're so fucking beautiful, laid out in my . . . no, our bed. Your skin is starting to glow with a slight sheen of sweat, and you're twisting under my treatment. It's such a fucking turn-on, knowing that I'm doing this to you. I suck harder on the toe, and slowly move on to the others, working myself on your other foot.

I finish with the first foot, and press it against my cock, rubbing both for a moment, your toes warm and damp, feeling so good on me. I pick the other foot up to continue the treatment, thrusting harder now, geting close. I scoot closer to your groin, making your legs fall open, and I watch your dick throbbing and twitching, fascinated, wondering if I'll see the moment when you let go.

My own orgasm is coming closer, and I let go of you long enough to groan, "Fuck . . . close, tahu."

Sean: My body is strung tight, hips rocking, back arched off the mattress. My arms are stretched over my head, and it’s fucking near thing, keeping them there. I almost joke that you might want to think about tying me down, and that thought comes to me with no seriousness attached to it, but fuck, staring at you with that in mind . . . Fuck, your incredible tongue swirls over me and there’s your teeth, nipping, and all thought melts away.

“Karl, love, so fucking good,” I pant. I’m sweaty, burning for you, with the abandon you bring in me. Your cock is hard and hot against my foot, and you’re fucking driving me mad. Moaning, my hips thrust into empty air, and there are no words for this . . . but then, there are. They come tumbling out, crashing together between low moans, and it’s amazing you can even understand.

“Karl, mura, fucking hell, yours, so hot for you . . . ah, christ, want to come so-want to come for you-want to feel you coming all over me,”

You tell me you’re close, and I’m about to lose it without you even touching my cock. I whimper as it builds inside me, and you’re driving me higher with your hands and mouth, with your rubbing against me. My legs are wide, body open and rocking, wet with sweat. I’m totally in your hands. Holding your eyes with mine, I let you see everything, holding nothing back.

“Karl-so close-need to-please,” I break off, moaning, and my body let’s go. I bow up off the bed, my feet clenching, my cock throbbing, shooting all over my belly, and I’m lost to it, crying out your name.

Karl: Watching you lose it does me in and I drop your foot, grabbing my cock and thrusting my hips forward, aiming for your belly. My spine arches and it hits me, and I'm exploding, pouring it out over you. I squeeze and pull, milking every drop, shaking myself onto your skin. The spasms subside finally and I sit back on my heels, looking at you, covered in come from both of us.

I dip a finger in it, swirling it around, painting you with it. "Beautiful." But I laugh, because you need a shower again. I watch you, never get tired of that . . . watch you while your breathing slows and you smile back at me.

Leaning forward, I get tangled with you, smearing me with our juices too, and if I have to shower again to help you out, then that's just a side benefit of being with you. I nuzzle into your neck, smelling you, sweaty and delicious.

"Sexy toes," I whisper, sucking lightly on the skin below your ear.

Sean: Somehow I keep my eyes open, even as the pleasure flares through me. You’re so fucking beautiful, hand on your cock, your come jetting out, marking my skin. My fingers tighten on the edge of the bed, and I arch up even more, instinctively wanting to catch all your juice. Finally the grip of orgasm eases back, leaving me sweating and boneless, and I give you a low, contented noise as your fingers rub your, our, seed over my skin.

Slowly my panting slows, evening out. We share a smile and you move up, fitting our bodies together, warm skin sliding together, marking us both with our mingled seed. My hands stroke down your back, pausing to cup your arse. You mouth on me, your words, the scent of our sex, sends a buzz down my spine, even now. I knead your arse, and our bodies move lazily together as if they were made to.

“Sexy lover,” I say, voice rough, adding, “fucking love having your come on me . . . almost as much as having it in me.”

Karl: I laugh low at that, because I've given you a hell of a lot of my come in the past few months. But that's easy around you, my beautiful Brit. I make contented noises as we softly roll, gradually working under the blankets. The fall nights are chilly and I lover sleeping wound up with you, waking up so warm and secure.

I've had a long day, and it's catching up with me, but I'm pleasantly tired. And making love with you is the best way to end it. I mumble something to you about ringing an estate agent the next day, wanting to get on with this, and have us together like this always.

I push against you with my head, getting comfortable against you. "Love you, tahu." Things start going fuzzy.

Sean: I smile as you settle in next to me, in my arms. Stroking your hair and kissing your temple, I pull the blankets up over your shoulder. “Me too, love. So much.”
I suspect you’re already out, and the bone deep relaxation is taking hold in me, but I stave off sleep for a few minuets, just lying still, wrapped up in you, enjoying the even rhythm of your breath rising and falling next to me.

Hopefully soon we’ll share a home, and every night we’re there will be like this . . . falling asleep in your arms. And if I know you, I’ll be just as sated and blissfully tired as I am right now. My eyes slid shut and turning my face into you, nuzzling my nose into your hair, I breathe in your scent. Tightening my arms, I mumble, repeating, “So much . . .” and finally, drop into sleep.



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