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I get our remaining gear out of the boat while Sean is inside, calling for some dinner. We're gonna have guests, to I told him to get enough for several people. He gave me an odd look, but I think he'll see what I mean soon enough.

We spent the day on one of the private motus owned by the resort. It was hardly more than a sandbar with palm trees, barely 3000 square meters. We had snorkeling equipment and the resort sent along plenty of food in a picnic basket that's part of the package for the motu.

So we snorkeled for hours, Sean proving to be a very good teacher and we explored the reef, stunned at the beauty and complexity of the life under the water. We would take breaks, lying in the sun, doing other sorts of exploration. And talking. We talked a lot, about all sorts of things, but the conversation veered around to shifting and the troubles they’ve caused.

I told him everything, finding that there's nothing I can't tell him, no secrets that I need to keep. The painful parts . . . what Paris and I did accidentally, the arrests. The bruises that weren't mine. He told me about Boromir's fighting, seems to be a common thing with this crew from Middle Earth. I told him about Dave and Théodred's first meeting and my own scraps with Théodred. But I didn't leave out the good things that Éomer has done, including taking on the Balrog which left the scar on my arm.

But we decided to avoid any misunderstandings and pull our shifts in now, tonight. Let them know what the situation is, make sure there's no mistakes. I don't think Éomer would shift in without permission, not now, but he's capable of it and I don't want him doing anything to Sean if he does.

So Sean is getting enough food to keep that horseboy content, and we're going to let them have dinner together. Sean walks out to the deck.


We decided to call Éomer first.

Sean: There are steaks and flounder, both grilled, roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables, salad, fresh fruit and even a basket brimming with buttered rolls set out on the table, the whole bloody kit. The smell is wonderful, though even so, I’ve not much of an appetite, yet. We’ve decided to take some time from our vacation to do this, and I’m rather glad, being away from Wellington and all the distractions there couldn’t hurt.

Heading back out onto the deck, I nod in answer to your question. I don’t feel nervous, exactly . . . well, right, a little, maybe. I don’t think it’s the prospect of meeting Éomer, not for the most part. Mainly, I’m just not sure how much I’m going to like watching you shift. It’s not something we’ve had to deal with, up until now, but it’s a part of both of our lives, of the life we’re sharing, together, and we’re both going to have to get used to seeing one another taken, from time to time, by our shifting counterparts.

So, Éomer first, and later, Boromir. Right. I notice that you’re still waiting, watching me, and I give you a quick smile. “It’s all right, love. I’m ready.”

Karl: I step in close to you, wrapping my arms around you and kissing you. I wish this part of our lives didn't exist, but it's far too late for regrets. Pete's movies have tipped the scales over to blessing as far as I'm concerned, because otherwise, you'd probably never come to Zid, and I'd still be a struggling actor and our paths would never have crossed.

And our shifts are the side effect of that, and this way is better that facing nasty surprises.

I pull away, not wanting Éomer to shift in with his arms around you. I drop to the chair facing the food. I close my eyes and reach back into my head.

Éomer. I search for him, and he answers at last, puzzlement evident. Éomer, I want you to shift in . . . to meet someone. I don't know how to convey how much Sean means to me to him, so I settle for straightforward truth. He is the world to me. Nothing can happen to him, do you understand? I get his agreement and open my mind to him, letting him take over. One other thing, his name is Sean, and he's Boromir of Gondor's shift. I don't know if Éomer knows Boromir in Middle Earth, but he must have heard of him.

Éomer: I open my eyes and I am someplace I did not expect. I stand up, staring at the mountain ringed by water, like something out of old legends. I turn back to the table, to the man sitting by it with golden hair and an intent look on his face, forgetting my manners in my startlement. "What is this place?"

Sean: It’s something I’ll never bloody get used to, but, there’s no getting around it. In you I can see a bare resemblance to Karl, but I’m very sharply aware, in a way not by sight or sound and that I can’t readily put into words, that my lover is quite literally somewhere else. You stand, gaze about for a few moments, looking a bit startled, asking where we are.

I meet your eyes, trying out a smile. “It’s called Bora Bora. It’s an island, a, uh, a fair piece from Wellington.”

You take in that stunning description, and look out again at water in the last golden light of late afternoon. Standing, I step beside you, giving you another moment before speaking again. “Many people seek this place out for its beauty, to relax, to enjoy themselves, I guess. Least, that’s why Karl and I came here.”

You look at me, and giving up on explaining the island, I stick out my hand. “I’m Sean, by the way. Sean Bean.”

Éomer: I am ashamed of my discourtesy, but these surroundings are like something out of a dream. I take your hand, "Your pardon. I am Éomer, son of Éomund, Third Marshal of the Mark."

I study you closely, wondering if you are the reason why Karl has been so relaxed these past months. I do not know what crisis plunged him into grief those months ago, though I suspect that Théo knows the cause of it. But Karl's mind when I have touched it recently has been calm and peaceful.

But I see a man who returns my gaze steadily, without flinching, with deep laugh lines around your eyes. That is good. Karl said that you shift, but you do not look like Boromir, though I have met him only once.

"Karl said that you are his world. Are you his lover?"

Sean: You let go of my hand, and I step back, a bit surprised, but I suppose I shouldn’t be after what Karl’s told me of you. I smile again, thinking of him, at hearing his words coming out of your mouth. I decide to be completely honest, so there are no misunderstandings.

“I . . . yes, we’re lovers. Karl, he’s become my world, too. Don’t think I can do without him now, actually, and I want him happy.” Before you can remark, “Things between us happened fast, but it’s real. We thought it might be a good idea to let each of our respective shifts in on things, on us, now that we’re together.”

You nod, and I gesture toward the table, loaded with food. “Would you care for a bite to eat? We’ve plenty, and there’s beer, too.”

As soon as I get the offer out, I’m struck, again, by how surreal this shifting business is, though I should be used to it all by now. Still, christ, I’ve just invited the Third Marshal for the Mark for a sit down dinner.

Éomer: I look at you and see a steady kind of strength, and I nod. "That is good. He has needed someone, I think."

Smiling I take the seat you indicate, looking the over the food, with many varieties and types, and it all smells delicious. When I sit however, I become conscious of my garb, which is loose enough that it did not rip, but it is appalling. I am wearing short breeches and a shirt with such wild and colorful designs that is makes my eyes ache. I look back at the food instead, gratefully taking the ale you hand me.

"Does this island require such outlandish garments?" I ask before reaching for one of the rolls, light and crisp. You hand me a plate, filled the things from the serving dishes and I grin in thanks. There is no shortage and I suppose Karl is used to filling his cold storage after I leave.

Sean: You seem pleased with the food, and I hide a grin as I load my plate, suddenly hungry myself. “Ah, not required, no. I imagine those are just the first things Karl laid hands on this morning.”

The look on your face leaves no doubt as to what you think of Karl’s taste in clothes. I take a sip of beer, adding, “You’d have to go down to the beach to see the really outlandish stuff.” You give me a look, managing to look both curious and repelled at the thought of anything worse. Honestly, I rather like the shirt . . . on Karl, anyway. My amusement settles and we pass the time in relative silence, and I’m not uncomfortable, really, so much as being very aware of your presence here, that you’ve just been pulled straight out of Middle Earth.

I don’t know you well enough to be able to read you, but you seem all right with just enjoying the meal, and it’s a few minuets before I’ve had my fill. My beer’s empty, and grabbing another from the frig, I bring you another as well. You nod your thanks, and I settle back into my chair.

Seems we’ve established the main idea of our meeting, though I wonder if you have any questions, or the like. “If there’s anything you’d like to know from me, feel free to ask.”

Éomer: I take the second bottle and fill my plate again. "We do not have fish of this kind in the Mark. It is very good." This world has many more flavours than mine does, another thing I have enjoyed discovering while I am here.

I think carefully while I eat, having learned my lesson about arrogant treatment of the people here. I do not want to risk my meetings with Théo by offending you. But I do care for Karl, and I have since I first started coming here, something that he has refused to accept.

"I will protect him, if he lets me . . . and you also. I also want his happiness." Finishing the fish, I see that you are not eating anymore, so I scoop more onto my plate.

"He has been grieved." I struggle to explain it, because with you, I do not feel as though I violate his trust by telling you what I sensed in his mind. "When I shifted, he wanted to stay . . . " I tap my head, "he did not want his own life, he wanted to remain in the place where he goes when I am here."

But he is better now, and I suspect that is due to you, so I smile at you. "You speak Common with the same accent as the people in Middle Earth. Are you not from Wellington?"

Sean: I nod my thanks when you say you’ll protect Karl, and myself, not sure what to say. I don’t really think I need protection, but then, it’s good to know you feel that way toward us, especially Karl. You load your plate again and I smile, glad that I ordered extra, glad to see you enjoying it, but my smile fades as you talk about Karl, about the way he felt about his life before we got together.

A chill passes over me, and my heart clenches, and I wish my lover was back with me, where I could get my hands on him. Maybe I had something to do with helping him out of his darkness, but personally, I think Karl did most of it own his own. I don’t think he has any idea how strong his really his.

My thoughts are still on Karl, when your question pulls me out of my musings. “I just moved to Wellington a little while ago. I’m from Sheffield, England, actually.” I pause, not altogether sure how much you know about this world’s geography. It’s an island, well, not like this one. It’s colder, and wetter than this, and it’s even farther away from here than Wellington.”

I think again, about what you said about Karl, and before you can comment on England or anything else, I add, “Thank you for telling me about Karl, how he felt. He’s part of me, now, and I’d appreciate it, quite a lot, if you could see your way to tell me if you ever . . . feel that from him again. I want to protect him, too.”

Éomer: Your words tell me that I did the right thing by telling you what I know of Karl. I believe you are a man of honour and that you will help him if he needs it. I nod. "Agreed."

The sweets on the plate look interesting, so I try a few of them. "I understand how he is a part of you. Théodred is my world, and I would do anything to protect him as well."

Hesitating while I try to frame my request, I decide that nothing was ever accomplished by trying to disguise the words. "He and I are separated by distance and our responsibilities. It may be that when he succeeds my uncle and becomes King of the Mark, we will be able to be together in our home land. For now, our meetings here are very nearly our only contact with each other."

I have thanked Dave for his tolerance, and I hope that you will allow us to continue. "I appreciate that you sacrifice your time with Karl to allow us this boon."

Sean: I don’t want to even imagine having my time with Karl be so limited, and in a way, having to rely on others in order to be with him. I’m reminded that, even though it can be a great bloody pain in the arse, at times a big bloody pain in the arse, our shifts’ short visits really can mean a lot to them. “It can be difficult, at times. I think that’d be true for anyone, but I’m glad you appreciate the time we give up. It must be hard, being separated from Théodred.”

It’s obvious how you feel about him. Looking at you, I see strength, both of body and personality. I see a man plainly devoted to those he cares about, and I don’t want to think about what lies in Théodred’s future, and what that means for you. “I wish you both well.”

Your plate is nearly clean, though I don’t doubt you can handle a bit more dessert. “Try a bit of this.”

Handing over a plate of tropical peach tart, you take a couple spoons full onto your plate. I decide to take a taste, myself. “And thank you, too, for looking after Karl as best you can. I appreciate that, more than you know.”

Éomer: The sweet you give me is full of delicate fruit flavors. I know that Théo would be most amused to hear of this meal, for he finds my appetite for food most hilarious. I study you again as I eat. I have seen Boromir only once, and he seemed to be a man hard-ridden by the demands of his responsibilities, much like Théodred in my time. You seem to be a peaceful sort of person, and though I do not completely understand this 'acting' that is Karl's profession, it seems as though Boromir does not share many traits with you.

"Karl told me that you are Boromir's shift. I have never been to Minas Tirith, but Théodred says he is a good man, a good fighter. I met him once, he came through the Mark last summer and we gave him a better horse."

But the horse came back, saddle empty, the courier from the West Mark told me just last week. I fear for him, knowing what his loss would mean for Faramir and the rest of Gondor. No doubt you know his fate, as Karl knows mine. I refused the knowledge once before, and I find that I still am not strong enough to bear it.

"Do not tell me. I would prefer to live my life as though the outcome is not yet decided." I think that my thoughts have skipped a head of my words.

Sean: “Honestly, I probably wouldn’t tell you, even if you asked.” You watch me at moment, eyebrow arched, then finally nod, once. “I don’t think I’d want to know, either.”

You turn back to finishing your dessert, and I force my thoughts away from the things I know, and shouldn’t share. Again, I’m caught by the differences between you and Karl, though you both have that particular fierceness. I recognize it in Karl, and I feel I can see it in your eyes as well, though I’m not drawn to it in you, the way I am in him. Maybe, because none of it belongs to me, and that thought brings a smile.

My fierce lover, and yeah, I’m ready to have him back, already. You polish off your dessert, pushing back from the table slightly.

I wonder if you’re finally finished, because christ, you can eat. “There’s plenty more . . . ” I gesture to the reminder of the meal. “Or I can order more.”

You shake your head and I grin. “Would you care to see more of the island, or do you need to, you know, head back? You’re welcome to stay awhile, if you’d like.”

Éomer: I nod my thanks at your courtesy. "No, I should leave you and Karl to your relaxation. But I am honoured to have met you, and I think we understand each other."

Truly glad that Karl has found happiness with someone who seems able to manage the difficulties of our lives, I reach back for him and smile, for he is eager to return.

Karl: I look you over carefully, but you seem to be in one piece, although the meal has been destroyed. I smirk, cause I bloody well know how much that horseboy eats, since I'm the one paying his grocery bill.

I reach out for you, unable to stay away from your touch for long. "Did he behave himself?" My lips find yours before you can answer, my tongue probing your mouth, tasting the tartness of the fruit you must've eaten. I sigh happily around your tongue, not really wanting to let you go, but knowing it's something that's got to be done.

"When you get back, I want you to take me, however you want."

Sean: Your kiss is warm and deep . . . it’s everything, except, not enough. You pull back and your words have me staring, wanting you. “When I get back, I’m gonna love you, so fucking hard.”

Pulling you in for another kiss, I ease back, smiling, licking your taste from my lips. “Well, should get on with it, then.” We move into the other room, away from the wreck of the table, getting settled on opposite ends of the couch facing the big windows opening on a view of a dusky sea and sky, that’s just now losing the last of it’s light.

Taking a deep breath, I close my eyes, sending out a thought, a name.


Boromir: His is a presence that I have not felt in a long while, and the connection, at first, seems tenuous, yet quickly strengthens. Boromir? I would like you to shift over, to meet someone. His name is Karl, and I . . . he’s the most important thing in the world to me, I’d do anything to protect him. It’s important you meet him.

The attachment to this Karl is strong in you, and feels plain to me, and I believe I understand why you wish we two to meet. I offer my acceptance even as you begin to fade, wondering a little when you add . . . Oh, right, we’re not in Wellington, at the moment . . .

Opening my eyes, I stare through windows of such fine glass, it has not even the slightest ripple in it. The sight outside them captivates me, though I put that aside and turn to you, who must be Sean’s Karl.

“Hello, and well met. I am Boromir, of Gondor.” My eyes drift back to the amazing view outside the clear paned windows. Of all things, it is the sea, and this . . . house, seems to float atop it. "Might you tell me, what manner of place is this?”

Karl: "Uh, Karl Urban, well met." All right, the window is heaps captivating. I point to the clear pane of glass set into the floor, showing the constantly moving water below. "We're over the water, in a villa, it's called. Like . . . an inn, except much larger. Every room is it's own little house."

I go to the window and point to Mt. Otemanu. "We're on an island, in the middle of the ocean. That's an extinct volcano." I pause, wondering if there's volcanoes in Middle Earth. Fuck, there sure as hell is . . . Mt. Doom. Not something you want to be reminded of, no doubt, so I move on hurriedly. "Part of the mountain sunk and the ocean came in. But the lagoon between the reef and the mountain is shallow."

Enough with the geology lesson, Urban. "Are you hungry? Can I get you a beer or some wine?" If I call for more food, the kitchen is going to think we're nutters, but I'd be happy to feed you.

Boromir: Nodding at your explanation of this place, my eyes wander around the room, though I’m drawn back to the window. Tis a place of beauty, this island, and my curiosity is peaked, though, Sean did not ask me here to satisfy my wondering about this world. He said this was not Wellington, and I’d wager we’re far from there, and nowhere do I sense the presence of my brother. I admit, I hoped when Sean called to me, that Faramir would be here, and though I cannot explain the how of why of it, I know he is not.

“I am not hungry, thank you, but wine would be welcome.” The ale of this world tends to be rather weak, so I decide I’ll try something different.

It takes but a few moments for you to get the wine, and return to the couch. I accept the offered glass, studying you. I wonder what I should say, Sean seems to hold deep feelings for you. I wonder if you are aware of that.

“Sean has told me he would do anything to protect you from harm. I suppose, that is his way of letting me know I should mind my manners, with you.” You give me a look, and I suddenly grin. It is always rather enjoyable, showing others that yes, I do possess a sense of humor. Least, to my mind I do, though I have rare chance to indulge it. “He and I have had our differences, Karl, but never doubt, I wish him well. It is good that he has found someone to share himself with.”

Karl: While you're staring at me, I'm staring right back, looking for the differences between you and Sean. Not as radical as Éomer and I, but there's a few. Sean doesn't have a beard and his hair's lighter than yours, but still, at a distance, I think you could be mistaken for him. So we could potentially walk around without the staff thinking I've switched lovers.

I grin back at you, glad you're not the dour stern man from the books. Maybe Sean caught the essence of you better than he knew. "I'm not sure he thought I needed protecting from you, unless you've got a sword hidden around somewhere."

Taking a sip of wine, I look over at you. "The same goes for me, I'll protect him with everything I've got. And if I can't, my shift will." Éomer bloody well better do it, if it comes up. I don't know how much Sean shares with you, though he said you don't shift nearly as much as Éomer does. Just my luck, to have my alter-ego on a visitation schedule when everybody else's shifts leaves them alone for the most part.

"Would you like to walk around? Sean and I came here for holiday, it's a beautiful place."

Boromir: You seem devoted to Sean, as he is to you, and I nod at your words, approvingly. It is an honorable thing, to protect those you care for. Perhaps, it is the most honorable, and though this world undoubtedly holds much I do not understand, this I do, most easily. You offer to walk with me, and glancing up, I wonder if I have been obvious in my curiosity for this island you are visiting.

Perhaps, it is simply a soldier’s habit, to want to know the lay of the land he finds himself in. Faramir would probably say, it is simply my natural tendency. I have always been curious, though not necessarily in the same things my brother enjoys in his books.

Thinking of him, I smile, then turn my attention back to you. “Yes, thank you.”

The tunic I wear, made of a thin, soft material, is comfortable enough, though the breeches are decidedly odd. They barely reach my knees, and standing, I feel rather foolish as you lead the way outside. We enter out onto a wooden dock, and I stare at the strange boat tethered there. Looking about, I wish again, that Faramir was here to see this place. You and Sean seem happy together, and though I have not shifted much, of late, I wonder if Sean will be less likely to want to give up his time to me, in Wellington.

“A wondrous place, indeed.” The last light of day is banked behind dark clouds, and I take a deep breath, smelling rain and sea-salt. “I have not shifted to Wellington frequently, in the past days, though I do want to offer my thanks, to both Sean and yourself, for allowing me time in your world. I would like to visit more, in the future.”

I leave it at that, careful not to push, as I once did with Sean.

Karl: I get in the boat, deciding that it's the best way to show you around. This place amazes me, and I've traveled a fair bit, so it's gotta be quite a sight for you. I turn the motor over.

"Come on, I'll show the island." We get you situated and I show you the cubby where you can rest your wineglass. I pull out, barely idling the motor, so we can still talk.

"I met your brother for the first time a few months ago. Next time you see him, you'll have to ask him about his movie-making career." I chuckle at the perplexed look I get from you, but I'll leave it up to Faramir to explain that one. "His shift, Dave, is my best friend."

Wonder how Dave is coping with his extra shift, although I blame Faramir for that, because I suspect he put the idea in Dave's head with all his 'research.' I haven't heard a squeak from mine, so hopefully he'll stay buried.

Mentally growling at myself, I decide I might as well offer in the spirit of this meeting. "Éomer shows up once a week to see Théodred, maybe if Sean isn't doing anything else while I'm gone, he'll let you out too." Fuck, I'm probably sticking my shit in where it doesn't belong. Sean can deal with you on his own, and it's funny how that weird triangle between Dave and Paris and I, and our shifts, has resolved itself into a square.

Boromir: The boat is a marvel, and I look all around me as the dusky sky is reflected in the blue waters of this ocean, though your offer quickly captures my attention. “I thank you, Karl. That is most generous of you, perhaps Sean will agree.”

You nod and turn back to piloting the craft, and once, it would have galled me, to rely on others’ permission in such a way, though now, I understand better just what it is those of you here give up for your shifts. I do not believe I would be as accommodating, were I in your place. Rather, I am certain I would not be. Off in the distance, the darkened clouds are gathering, and the breeze rises, a gentle, cool touch against my skin.

“I can well see why you would wish to come here, it is unlike anything could have imagined.” I almost wish that it was daylight, so I could see more clearly. You turn the boat back toward your villa, and we glide over the glass smooth waters of the lagoon. No doubt your island will be having a bit of weather, soon, judging by the fresh scent of rain riding the breeze.

The dusk is deepening into true night, and the yellow lights of the villas appear warm and cheerful as we near. I finish my wine, pausing to regard the empty glass before glancing over at you with a grin. “That was very good, though I hold to what I’ve said before. This world is sorely lacking a good, strong ale.”

Karl: Concentrating on getting the boat properly moored, I laugh at your comment about the beer. "Sean ever take you to the States? Their beer is pissing awful. You might try Guinness, though, it's called stout for a reason. I'm fond of a Zid brand called Mac's Black."

I didn't think to haul any of that here, probably couldn't get it through customs anyway.

We walk back into the villa, and I turn a few of the lights on, especially the ones underneath the floor that spot light the water through the glass. I think to myself that I've got the chance to actually talk to Boromir of Gondor, lots of Tolkien geeks out there who'd kill to be in my position.

I don't know what to ask you though, not sure what time frame you're from, how much stress you're under. "Anything you want to know? About me . . . about our world?"

Boromir: Guinness and Mac’s Black . . . odd sounding names, but I’ll have to remember them for the next time I’m in your world. You handle the boat well, and soon we’re disembarking, walking back inside your villa. I look again at the glass inset in the floor, catching a glimpse of a tiny fish, darting past. Amazing.

Your voice gathers my attention, and I smile. “Ah, there’s a great deal I should want to know about your world, though that burden need not be placed fully upon you.” I smile, adding, “As for you, I think I know enough. And perhaps, there will be other times ahead, to get to know you better.”

You seem satisfied with that, and I sense you are eager for Sean to return. It has not escaped my notice that this time, spent here in this seeming paradise, is special for you, and he, and in your place I would be eager for my lover’s return as well.

“I should return. Faramir has told me that while I am shifted, that time there slips by slowly, perhaps, almost stops altogether, though . . . duty is hard to lay down, sometimes.”

You nod and I sit down on the couch, taking a breath. “Guinness and Mac’s Black, was it?” You laugh and I grin. “I shall remember, for next time.” Closing my eyes, I reach out . . . Sean . . . .

Karl: I watch as the man beside me changes subtly, and when you open your eyes, I let out a breath of relief. I've never actually witnessed a shift that changes like that before, and part of me was afraid that you'd get stuck in that nowhere place. But the green eyes looking at me have your soul staring out of them.

I pounce on you, glad to have you back, wrapping arms and legs around you, probably startling you with my vehemence. But it doesn't take you long to get the idea and our mouths find each other, and I give a small happy moan against your tongue. Your eyes are amused when I finally let your lips go.

"Bloody hell! I think that was the hardest thing I've ever done, to just let you go like that. Bernard told me that he got stuck for months, I was afraid you would too."

I've got an understanding of what you've been dealing with in these months that we've been together, when I go to my house alone to let blondie have his fun. I let you fill my senses, my hands on your body, my nose buried in your hair, your taste in my mouth.

If you ever do get stuck, I don't fucking care what it takes, I'll come after you and haul you out of there.

Sean: I wouldn’t have you worried for anything, but I understand why you were, and it warms me, right to my core, that you were. You’ve wrapped me up in your body, and I stroke your hair back from your face, smiling, mouth still tingling from your kiss.

“Don’t want you to worry,” I press my lips to your forehead, your lips. “I’m right here with you, love.” You’ve still got me snugged in your arms, and my body is beginning to respond to your warmth, to the look in your eyes.

My hands smooth down your spine, enjoying the curve that dips just above your arse. I touch you, all over, just mapping your back, loving the feel of your muscles, loving that I’ve known the strength in you . . . and that I will know it again.

“You feel so good,” and my hands go lower, curling over your gorgeous arse, kneading, pulling you down against my hips. You press a kiss to my neck, and I shiver, wanting you to feel exactly what you do to me, with just the touch of your mouth. “Love, I need you, need to be with you.”

Karl: My spine arches and curls under your hands, my body responding to you without thinking, and I want you touching me everywhere. Your hands on my ass feel brilliant, and I willingly follow the guidance, moaning and pressing myself against you.

"Need you too." And that's nothing less than the honest truth. I need you in every way possible. I stand up and slip my shirt off, and dropping my shorts to the floor. One way I need you is bloody obvious, and I slide back onto the couch with you, helping you out of your clothes, kissing the patches of skin that I uncover as I go.

"What can I do for you?" My voice is a husky whisper as my fingers trace along the cords of your neck, our bodies warm against each other, cocks trapped between us. You feel so bloody good.

Part of me wants to be reassured on some primal level that it really is you with me. But my body didn't respond to Boromir like this, so I know it's you, I just . . . need this, like someone dodging death needs to be fucked.

Sean: You’re fire in my hands, hot, consuming, beautiful, and I surge up, taking a kiss. The sound you make has my arms enveloping you, bringing our bodies hard together, and I want to drive you mad with pleasure, fuck you until you come. Breaking the kiss, I push at you, and the look you give me would have me grinning if I wasn’t so bloody intent on what I want.

The couch is wide, fairly comfortable, and it’ll have to do. Not letting you go, even for the short walk to the bedroom. I shift us so that you’re on your back, dilated eyes fixed on mine. You open to me, without hesitation, and I slide between your spread legs, rocking my hips against you, rubbing our hard cocks together.

“Going to take your arse, love. Going have you, need you.”

You buck under me, breathing raggedly and I trail my fingers over your face, holding your eyes with mine. “I’ll always come back to you.” My mouth slants over yours, and I put everything I have into the kiss, fucking your mouth hard and deep with my tongue.

There’s lube in the pack by the floor, left there from our hiking trip, and pulling away, I stretch and reach, bringing it out. Slicking my fingers, I can’t look away from you, from your eyes, gone dark with desire. Desire for me, and fuck, I need to have you, to please you.

My slicked finger finds your tight pucker, circles once, and eases inside. Immediately your heat envelopes me, brands me, and I sink in another, and another, until you have three. I move, slowly, carefully, getting you ready for me. You rock on me, and I can’t wait. Pulling out, I press my leaking cock against you.

“Going to love you, Karl . . . going to come so hard inside, there’ll always be a part of me in you. Take me, love, take my cock.”

I press forward, moaning softly as I slide in, so very slowly, until I’m buried in you, balls snugged against your arse.

Karl: Fuck, my dirty-talking Brit makes me crazy. take my cock. Mine jumps in answer to that, wanting you buried in me and you don't hesitate, surging into my body, a long slow wave that leaves me panting when you're in. I'm already losing control, and you've barely done anything, but my body knows you, knows how well you'll fuck me and I'm craving it.

"Ah, fuck . . . Sean!" My fingers dig into your back, and I cant my ass up to you, begging for more of you. "Want to take your cock, take all of you . . . please."

You give me what I'm asking for and suddenly I feel you all the way through me, as though you're buried so deep in me that you'll always be there, like you said. Bloody fucking perfect.

"I feel you, tahu, feel you everywhere." And I can't speak anymore, every stroke inside of me is sending waves of heat through me, leaving me with nothing but incoherent moans as you ride my ass.

You answer my cravings, plunging into me, leaving your mark on me, and the feeling crystalises, starting at my balls, and I open my mouth, worrying at your nipple while I try to hold it back, but there's no stopping what you're doing to me.

"Gonna come around your gorgeous cock . . . Sean . . . "

Sean: My fire, my flame, and I drive into you, thrusting steadily, craving your beautiful heat that’s sheathed tight about my cock. One hand goes above your head, gripping the arm of the couch for leverage as we ride together. Your fingers curl into my back and I moan your name, lips traveling over your face, adoring you, lusting for you, loving you.

Your words answer mine, and your offer more, hips tilting up and I take it, pounding you. Heat blazes over my nipple, and I moan, and you’re falling apart under me and I want to gather up every piece, make you mine. “Mine,, I growl, drinking in your noises and your words.

“Give it to me, love, come for me.” My fingers thread into your hair, titling your head back as I lick my way up your neck. You’re moaning with every thrust and I work harder, my body slick with sweat and straining to go deeper, harder. Your eyes are open, staring up at me and I feel it in you, I see it happening. Your arse clenches down on me as your body lets go, the pleasure taking over. I shove inside you, crying out as I follow you down, cock pumping my seed hard into you.

I stay curled over you, coming, until at last I remember to breathe. I ease down, resting against your chest, panting, my fingers still tangled in your hair. Your hands move over my back, and I smile against your skin, realizing that I’m trembling.

Karl: We sprawl in a tangle of arms and legs on the couch, my body sated and easy under you. I put my arms around you, gently stroking your back, loving the feel of your slick muscles under my hands. You weight presses me down into the couch, a welcome pressure on me. I don't wanna move, as tangled up as we are, legs rubbing against each other, but we're sort of messy.

"They're gonna have to replace this couch when we leave," I laugh. It's seen almost as much action as the bed. "You feel like soaking in the tub?"

I've got dried salt water encrusted on me in addition to sweat and come. The bathtub is big enough for two and was full of floating hibiscus when we got here. Nice touch. We unwrap reluctantly, and move into the bathroom.

The water is soft and warm, and we sink into it together, hands on each other, as always. You're warm and fill my arms up and I'm so fucking glad we found each other.

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