Jan. 13th, 2008

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I wake up early, light just starting to trickle over the horizon. Sean is deeply asleep beside me, and I let him be. Both of us have been working hard, getting ready for our upcoming jobs. I know he’s tired. I slip on some jeans and head for the barn.

The days have finally begun to warm and the morning is cool, but not chilly. My jumper is enough. Smokey Joe stamps eagerly and I soothe him as I tack him. I haven’t had much time for him either. We take one of the paths that winds over the hills. I lose myself in the rhythm of his gait, letting my mind clear of worries about Jed and the ache of the future separation from Sean. We’ve both been going about our days without talking much about it, pretending its not there.

When I get back, I spend time with Smokey, brushing him thoroughly before leaving him in the pasture for the day. In the kitchen, I find a fresh pot of coffee and a note for Sean, asking me to meet him in our hideaway in the garden. I grin, a lazy curl of heat growing in me, just from reading his note. Funny thing, being in love, how something so simple from your lover can make you feel so warm, so cherished.  )


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