Apr. 15th, 2006

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The weather is cooling off . . . mid-April is one of my favorite times of year, yeah, I'm fucking weird, I like winter. But I've got other reasons for liking it now. My green-eyed blonde Brit was born this month. And I've gone completely sappy, fuck. . .

I grin, though, not too upset by the way he's gotten into my life and under my skin. My life's a whole heaps better since the day he showed up on my doorstep. And that's what tonight's about.

The box is on the seat beside me, green cloth decorated with cavorting lovers. This is more of a present for both of us, and I hope he enjoys it. Hell, his other present is for both of us too. And now my grin has gone even wider . . . thinking of the fun we'll have with both his presents.

He decided on a quiet night for his birthday tonight, although I was fucking tempted to call of our mutual friends and throw him a party, there's enough of 'em lurking around Wellie. But this is what he wanted, and I'm highly in favor of giving him whatever he wants.

But I did want to do a few things to make it special, so I ran out to the bakery to get a Pavlova and now I’m on the way back to his house.

I park the truck in his drive, and gather up the Pav, and the green box, and the other thing. )



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