Mar. 12th, 2006

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Éomer: Karl leaves and I am alone in his house, for the first time in many weeks, even by the slow movement of time in Middle Earth. Ire greets me happily and we go outside to find a stick for him to chase and return to me. He will play this game for hours. Smokey Joe is in the barn and I greet him as well. It touches a part of my heart that these animals in this world remember me with fondness and reminds me that the peace I fight for in my world is the peace of their world also.

Théo will be here soon and Karl tells me that Paris has healed. I enjoyed the peaceful day that we spent together though I know that Théo chafed at the inactivity.

The sun is brightly shining, but I lift my face into the wind streaming down from the mountains in the distance. I smell the rain that will be here by mid-afternoon. I decide that today will be a good day to teach Théo a game of my own. I smile at the thought and go to sit on the small floating dock in the pond. I pole it away from the shore, ignoring Ire's frustrated barking now that I have abandoned our game. It is almost winter in the Mark and I lay back on the warm boards, enjoying the summer day.

Théo: Leelu purrs into Karl’s yard and I park her up in front of the house and turn off the engine. I look around as I pull off my helmet and there is no sign of Mer but Ire’s barking gets my attention and I unfasten my jacket as I follow the sound. The tone of his barking changes as he notices me, and he greets me with a wagging tail as I see what he was barking at.

You look so peaceful, lying on the floating platform, soaking up the sun that I almost hate to disturb you. )



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