Feb. 28th, 2006

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We are cautiously feeling our way through this, one thing at a time. It's strange, I want to trust him so much, and I do trust him, and it feels so bloody good to be with someone like that. But we're both trying so hard to do the right thing, and that usually ends us up in bed. I smirk. We decided the next step was to actually get out of bed and go out in public together. A date.

I told him I'd collect him, and I'm doing my best to be on time, but getting dressed for this proved to be more of a fucking ordeal that I'd have guessed. There's no question that I'd be wearing the vest he gave me, but I didn't have anything to go under, and so I had to make an emergency shopping trip this afternoon. And he doesn't bloody know what a fucking deal it is for me to go clothes shopping. I roll my eyes, it's another thing to add the ever-lengthening list of things I don't normally do, but that he gets me doing.

The shirt I found is silk, thin as anything, woven like a T-shirt, short sleeved. It's blue, but as if someone painted watercolors and then left them in the rain. The blue is washed out nearly white in places, others it's still dark. It's so thin that it shows everything under it. My nipple ring is obvious, at least to me. But it looks incredible under the vest, as far as I can tell. I debate the leather pants, but decide they're too much, especially since the place we're going is fairly laid-back. Nothing fancy this time, cause I think I'd have a nervous breakdown if I had to pick out a suit. This is heaps worse than a premiere.

I pull on jeans, wiping my hands on them. Yeah, fuck, I'm nervous. )



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